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  1. Damn... GGG en route and orederd 3 SRX sets. Sentinel is getting some real money this year.
  2. I'm in agreement here... especially when a company has teased/previewed SO much more. Ok cool... I'll probably do a summary of it to get conversation going tomorrow since legit nothing has been posted about it here. Gonna take a bit to gather pics and info " --------------
  3. Well it was either change the mold or not have final Dancouga, so... I dunno
  4. @mikeszekely @JB0 @Convectuoso Do you guys talk about the Big Firebird non-TF stuff here like the Henshin Girl Combiner in this thread or is there aa more appropriate spot? I saw Lumitent I believe but didn't know how broad it ranges.
  5. There's talk about the Maketoys Gaurdia reissue over at TFW so figured maybe as well bring some of it here; I'm pretty hyped for it because of seller's regret but in general how do you guys feel when you see a company doing constant mold reissues and repaints vs. new molds?
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