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    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks Slave for the update. If I requested a shipping estimate already, do I have to pay right away or am I allowed to pay any time I wish? I can understand that I can not request to combine my order with other items after requesting shipping estimates. Just curious if there is a timeline I have to send payment
  2. Eslim109

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Just received notice from AE that they now have the VF-31F in stock. Do they have a PW system just like HLJ?
  3. I have actually only been collecting figures within the past 2 years. Just like other fellow MW members, it all started with a trip to Japan and discovering all of the awesome figures that I had no idea were available in the market. I bought my first figures while I was in Japan and lucky for me, the prices were relatively reasonable for aftermarket and sealed figures. Once I returned back home, I began to frantically search for other figures I wanted and needed to complete the sets that I started. I regret doing that as I paid too much for some figures which I later found at better prices at Japanese sites like HLJ/NY/AmiAmi and second hand stores like Mandarake/Jungle. I have learned that the best way of collecting (and easiest on your wallet) is to be patient and actively look for figures to be on sale for a price that you feel is worth spending. Basically the same advice that everyone else have been providing.
  4. Eslim109

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Does HLJ only accept payments via PayPal or can you pay with a cc directly?
  5. Eslim109

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Haha so many of people's comments are so spot on with how I feel towards collecting. I am currently in a debate with myself about preordering the VF-31C and hope that the coloring of it turns out darker than the images. I don't mind the red/violet but I much rather have purple. Would like a new color scheme Valkyrie in my collection.
  6. Never received an order confirmation email so it looks like it did not go through. And the search continues
  7. Ok sweet. Thanks! Still waiting on that damn order confirmation email. Please please pleaseeee come in soon!
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it comes in soon. Can't sleep not knowing haha. And it did show $150ish when I chose PW. And did it say that you do not have to pay at this moment? I chose the option to pay once the item is ready
  9. Man I'm not sure if I was able to secure an order or not. Haven't received an email notification yet. Gahhhhh
  10. Oh snap!!! Definitely need to get this along with a F91 MB Gundam now! All those additional gun accessories and that updated shoulder blade configuration completely seal the deal for me!
  11. Eslim109

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Is it just me or does the VF-31C in the magazine look pink instead of purple. Hope it actually is purple colored upon release.
  12. Damn! Looks like I'll have to pay a premium for the set in the future. I like how the new design matches with the new sword accessory so much rather have them together then separate
  13. Thanks guys for the info! This Red Frame looks like it's going to be a pain to get
  14. Nvm. I answered my own question. any thoughts as to sites like NY having more stock for the Red Frame set?
  15. The new F91 model looks a lot better than the one that's coming out this month. I like the way the shoulder blades are oriented.
  16. The KAI option set does sound much Much MUCH more appealing! Hopefully there will be more accessory parts that were just not shown. Don't really need 2 Red Frames.
  17. So do you think it will include an actual Red Frame figure along with the new accessory? Or it's just expensive because it's web exclusive?
  18. Man I'm so excited for the new accessory of the Red Frame Astray! But what is with that crazy high cost for it.
  19. The F91 MB looks a lot better from the display photos than the promo photos. I am super stoked for its release now. Hopefully it's price doesn't inflate too much upon release.
  20. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I agree with you all about the price of these figures being outrageously high in most online sources. Maybe I may take a stab at buying one figure and checking it out for myself if I find one under $100
  21. How is the quality of these Play Arts figures? I have yet to buy one but I'm really interested in the Wolverine figure coming out in May so I am hoping people can provide some insight to me before I place an order.
  22. I don't post much either but like max928 said, in the best interest of the Macross world community; Esthertool is a horrible seller along with the site/store that he works for. I ordered two items from him over a year ago and they both were damaged. One box was completely destroyed and the other was missing parts when it was suppose to be new. I had requested a refund only for the one that was missing parts and they refused to give it to me. Took forever to get my money back with PayPals help. Not worth the trouble even if their prices are decent.
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