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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Was this announced at any time before? This SH Figuarts Sheryl came out of left field for me. I would have never expected it. Now I'm gonna need a Ranka and a Minmei pleaseeeee..

  2. I'll have to rethink going forward if I'll continue on with HLJ as well if/when this is removed.
    I have about 40+ pre-orders pending, based on what I understand all prior placed orders will still be managed in the process agreed upon initial request so that shouldn't be a problem. Whenever it does switch over though... that'll be ... fun.

    I was also able to get the VF-2SS Preorder at HLJ thanks to Figinstock :)

  3. It's this option and it still shows up for me.. For now.
    I do not see any email from HLJ on change of policy for this.. was one sent out?


  4. Hi. So after waiting for what seemed an eternity for the 1/100 YF-29 Alto Custom I've finally gotten my hands on it as it was forever in backlog or something.  I was hoping to detail it up wherever possible, the real detractor to me wanting to tackle this small project is that my only option to reach color accuracy for some parts are stickers :(
    I've searched around and I don't really see anyone offering (official or not) 1/100 scale Frontier type water slides or a recreation of this sticker sheet. So I put the question out there in case anyone has ever seen a waterslides.

    Given that its unlikely to be the case, I wanted to know what others have done in an effort to maybe make the stickers on these kits more durable.. do they react well to top coating? Would that help at all in increasing their durability or is that a no no? 





  5. Maybe the price of admission for these kits was off putting to many. I was skeptical at first to jump on these but after I saw the level of detail and how good these look once assembled I binged on VF1s and VF31s kits.

    But then again I think that Tomytec has been making a business of these types of kits so it must be profitable to an extent for the various other lines... maybe it just didn't gel well with the Macross demographic? This is all assumption if indeed it hasn't gone well. Hopefully I'm wrong. As my dream now is to see some Armored VF-25s in this scale and at this level of detail!  

  6. On 2/21/2017 at 8:08 PM, ECB5489 said:

    I'm still hoping that tomytec release the macross frontier in 1/144 scale also.

    This. I would buy the whole lineup.. Whereas the Delta ones, that hasn't been the case. 
    It would seem Frontier is still very popular in Japan, I cant help but think this would be a somewhat "logical" decision provided they get the rights etc etc...

    Fingers crossed.

  7. On 2/19/2017 at 1:46 AM, JetJockey said:


    The whole ad is a fake?! What kind of a word would do something like that? I was getting excited about those Macross the First versions even though I haven't read the manga yet.

    Wow like really I think the same.. who would do that and why... ? sad times.  

  8. 1 hour ago, TMBounty_Hunter said:

    Sheryl is definitely coming, they keep posting her on twitter. Just no date yet. I'm assuming we'll get one at WonderFest this month




    Great! Glad to see its still on the way.. Just a bit sad they keep delaying her release in favor of DELTA. I mean the least they could have done is release it very close to Ranka, I know many would be inclined to get the pairing. But alas I am no marketing expert or anything... I just want my Sheryl!!!

  9. I'm not a fan of Delta but I could go for SH Figuarts of Hayate and Mirage both in pilot suit to display with the DXs. I might go for the Zero of Mirage but not too keen on the size. 

  10. The SH Figuarts are looking really good I'll be preordering Freyja, don't feel the need for the whole gang though. I'd be down for a version of Mirage in her pilot suit as well that was articulated in that same line if it ever happens. Hoping the line does well so we can get past Macross series to be considered as well.

    So seem like the PLAMAX line is dropping Sheryl in favor of doing the whole DELTA crew... *sigh* at least we got Ranka I guess.

  11. 1 hour ago, Lolicon said:

    Although I'm not exactly a huge Delta fan, I'll buy all the Walkure if it means getting Sheryl and Ranka after! 

    Completely agree. Wanting this line to ride the wave of success so we can get Sheryl, Ranka, Minmay :)

  12. Happy with the BETA stand I got. I'll be looking to get an Alpha one very soon once they're available as well as a slew of different adapters.
    Also having recently gotten the VF-31J, maybe a Beta with XAOS etching might be possible?

  13. 49 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    Nope. No new updates whatsoever on those SHFiguarts. 


    Damn. could it mean they're not happening? I dont think that would be the case given how everything DELTA Walkure is consumed as quickly as its produced right now so surely it means good business? Maybe just waiting for people to have a go at the Zero before putting these out? I have 0 experience with this line so no clue.

  14. On 11/22/2016 at 11:21 AM, sh9000 said:


    I know its been a while since this was announced. I checked thru the previous pages but saw no updates on these. So I assume its all quiet still?

    Great pictures of the static figures for everyone who has posted. Makes me a bit itchy to get a few but I'm resisting.

  15. Glad its in stock again for anyone that missed out. The prices from resellers were getting pretty high. I bought mine at a bit of premium (though nothing compared to what I saw in the last weeks) as I was afraid of missing out and wasn't sure if there was gonna be a reissue.

  16. Yeah a bit bummed, with all the extra bits and pieces I'm planning to get the 20% off is substantial.

    BTW thanks for making the MG Gundam adapter available.

  17. They are currently sold out, and I am trying really hard to NOT order more from the vendor. I am expecting my laser cutter to arrive in late December. There have always been issues with the thicker 9mm acrylic cut from my vendor. Quite a bit of wasted product, and I end up paying for most of it. Might I ask what you would like to display on a YetiStand? The Beta's work quite well, and I have those in stock.

    Looking to do this identical base setup(see below) Except with 1 Arcadia VF and two Bandai DXs. following that recipe with the elbows and the arms. Dont think this would work on the Beta as the connection point for that is offset, kinda wanting the center mounted look as well.


  18. Nice pic of the trident. I've been thinking about picking up one of those, and debating between the dark blue and the clear.

    It's the Tamashii Stage Act Trident, available from lots of places.


    looked so different in an actual color and not transparent.... which is why I didn't recall or make the connection to it. wow. I need one in that color now haha.

  19. Yeah i can't say my 1J feels any different than the other vf-1 releases. Though i've only taken it out and put it on my new trident stand so far.


    That stand looks super nice. Where is it from?

  20. Yup, they do exist. You can search eBay for some. I've seen some actual replica of the water slide decal on eBay before.

    I had a look, I see many but none have the jolly roger on the black circle. All I see have the transparent one only which is a bit of a letdown. I'll have to keep looking to see if I can find it.

    EDIT.. So finding one that has decals that are the black circles with the jolly roger on it in white already seems to be impossible. I am finding waterslides with the black circles only and I can find waterslides of the transparent white jolly roger, so looks like I might need to do some waterslide inceptions haha... not a fan but if I can get it right it will be a much more solid option than using the stickers.

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