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  1. On 8/9/2022 at 2:22 PM, Big s said:

    As far as quirky, a lot of the marine suits from the original series are a bit odd. I love the hygog and there’s also the gogg or the acguy and zock are pretty weird. 
    there’s also the weird ones from crossbone that turn into hands, but those are a bit tough to get these days since they were exclusives.


    Yeah those marine type suits have odd designs.

    22 hours ago, tekering said:

    I think the Big Zam deserves to be part of this conversation. 😊


    That looks like a big insect! Was this in UC? I don't remember it.

  2. They may be making more money on limited editions if they have certain number of orders. But I'm not in the gunpla business so I'm not sure if that's true.


    Anyway, are there any other quirky suits like the Kapool and Wodom? I got the Build Divers version of those because I thought they were funny. (Basically a lot of Turn A suits are in this category.) I don't really follow the UC timeline after 08th MS Team (have tried to finish Zeta I am still not done lol). For alternate U I watched several episodes of IBO but dropped it.

  3. 5 hours ago, PsYcHoDyNaMiX said:

    Afaik all bandai injection kits (HG, RG, RE, MG, PG) are made in Japan. With the exception of the Hi Res kits where the inner frames are made in china, shipped to bandai (japan) where they are boxed/paired up with bandai (made) injected runners and then shipped out from there. 

    MB, Chogokin DX, gffmc, robot spirits, MS etc. Action figure types are made in china. 

    With kits on backorder status on HLJ are sometimes just when they restock (roll of the dice). It may say BO now and if you place an order it may fill the next day or a week (or few). From my understanding they restock often enough. Unless bandai is pulling a cute one with HLJ and punishing them for refusing the bandai cease and desist order for shipping outside of japan... then idk, lol. Maybe send HLJ an email to inquire?

    Does that include raw materials? So much stuff is made in China or have raw materials come from there it always comes to mind whenever shortages occur.

    As for HLJ, I'll try that BO order once the preorder is in (or maybe a week before it's in?). I've also noticed that private warehouse is now unlimited (is that really true). But I want to ship as soon as possible to avoid the xmas shopping season.

  4. 13 hours ago, Big s said:

    There does seem to be a shortage currently. Not just at hlj, but all around. There have been restocks going on, but those haven’t been the big restocks of a few years back

    So I wasn't imagining it then. I wonder if it's the recent lockdowns in China, and they couldn't get kits out faster? If there's less stuff to go around now I pity those who do lots of Xmas shopping, to deal with low supply and inflation. (Inflation has also been high here in the Philippines.)  The gunpla selection in the local stores has also been dwindling (at least the dept. stores). Online, it depends.

  5. Is there a shortage of kits right now? A lot of items in HLJ seem to be backordered. I was looking for something to go with a planned preorder but the lack of choices is discouraging. I also checked on Amazon but I had a recent stressful experience where they mislabeled a shipment. Thankfully it was sorted out but I kind of don't want to order from them for a while.

  6. On 5/12/2022 at 3:35 AM, Shawn said:

    Its the stupid email system

    We have some older posts (like the 1/48 super post) and it has lots of members who subscribed to notifactions on it, but their email address was invalid

    The server is still trying to ping those old bad addresses for members who haven't checked in recently during our profile changes

    So the emails are just churning and churning...looking to time them out and prune

    I'm temporarily disabling email notificaitons on followed posts until we figure this out once and for all-I thought I had fixed it before.


    Is this the reason I can't see the latest posts from my followed topics anymore?

    EDIT: Looks like I have to re-follow then.

  7. On 2/3/2022 at 4:44 PM, Seto Kaiba said:

    Eh... it goes a lot deeper than that, to be frank.  

      Reveal hidden contents

    Overlord's Momonga/Ainz and Leadale's Cayna both start their respective stories as deeply miserable people who all but literally live in their VR-MMOs of choice to avoid their terrible real lives.  Momonga does it because his life outside the game is that of a literal wage slave in a dystopian cyberpunk future.  Cayna does it because she's terminally ill and living in a hospital on life support.

    Momonga is implied to have died mid-session when the Yggdrasil's service ended and he was transferred to the New World in the body of his character.  Cayna explicitly died mid-session due to a power outage and was transferred to a world resembling Leadale in the body of her character.

    Both Momonga and Cayna were notorious Player Killers with bad in-game reputations because of it, who are determined to avoid association with their past bad behavior after getting isekai'd.  (Cayna dodges all association with her reputation as the Silver Ring Witch, and Momonga sets out to clean up Ainz Ooal Gown's public image through acts of insincere public heroism.)

    Both Momonga and Cayna established massive and heavily defended dungeons for themselves on the world map in their VR-MMO days, to weed out potential challengers so they can be left alone, both of which were given to them by the admins of their respective games out of respect for their in-game skills and unofficial status as player-run boss characters.  (Momonga's Great Tomb of Nazarick and Cayna's Guardian Tower respectively.)

    Both Momonga and Cayna are the only player characters in the new worlds they arrive in, and both wield impossible godlike power from the perspective of the inhabitants of those worlds because of their high in-game levels and top-tier custom equipment before being isekai'd.  Both accidentally demonstrate incredible power without realizing the actual base level of the world's inhabitants.

    Both Momonga and Cayna decide to go undercover as adventurers to gather more information about the new worlds they've arrived in shortly after arriving.  (Momonga adopts the alias of Dark Warrior Momon, and Cayna simply refuses to admit to being the Silver Ring Witch.)

    Both Momonga and Cayna accidentally out themselves as possessing lost/impossible knowledge when they unwittingly hand over potions that are Lost/Divine Technology to the inhabitants of the world and find themselves pursued for investigation by the top potion-making expert in the kingdom they're visiting.

    Both Momonga and Cayna slip into depression when it becomes clear to them that they are the only players in the world, any others having either never arrived or died of old age due to their choice of race/species in the intervening centuries.

    Both Momonga and Cayna created NPCs that they regard as their children, though Cayna's are decent upright folk who've been keeping the world's sh*t together for 200 years while Momonga's are all driven by the "Then Let Me Be Evil" philosophy of the edgelords in Ainz Ooal Gown.

    Both Momonga and Cayna are the first players to arrive in their respective new worlds in precisely 200 years... though in Momonga's case, he was preceded by three other groups (the Eight Kings of Avarice, the Six Great Gods, and the two players of the Thirteen Heroes) while Cayna is the only player left in Leadale.

    The more you look at it, the more it becomes obvious Leadale was copying Overlord's homework... just with Leadale opting for lighter and softer comedy focus without any of the genre deconstruction that drives Overlord, and ending up kind of aimless and generic feeling as a result.  IMO, it's just a less compelling series as a whole because it doesn't seem to really have anything to show for itself.


    Gave Police in a Pod a whirl... not sure what to think of it thus far, but the premise is interesting enough that I'm going to keep at it.  Not a fan of the art style, which reminds me oddly of Ghost in the Shell: Arise's character designs.

    Indeed Overlord's writing is way better, but it has way darker themes than Leadale that to me it looks like 2 different things. Most stories are formulaic anyway, it's just how it's executed that matters. Or maybe I just don't feel strongly about it? For example I get 'agitated' when I see something trying to copy the Macross formula (mecha + music). (That is why I don't like Macross II.)

  8. 14 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    You're not wrong, on a basic level... but your argument stumbles a bit on the precise chronology.

    Overlord and In the Land of Leadale did indeed both begin serialization as web novels in 2010.  Six months apart, in fact, with Overlord debuting on Arcadia in May and achieving a fair bit of online popularity before In the Land of Leadale debuted on Shōsetsuka ni Narō the following November.  It seems unlikely that the high level of similarity is purely coincidental...

    I don't get this high level of similarity. Sure they're both isekai, both MC are overpowered, they have NPCs they consider 'children' and then that's it. What the MCs actually do are worlds apart. I like both novels for what they are. 'Leadale' gets some undeserved criticism being compared to Overlord imo. Who cares if the structure of the story are the same, but they're different enough to be enjoyable.

    That said, Leadale anime does come off a bit generic. I think the LN is more enjoyable as it has more detail (lots of stuff cut in the anime), and as long as you don't expect high literature or the like.

  9. 19 hours ago, VF25-F said:

    More food! In her latest post, she was putting on makeup at Animate Utsunomiya store (Orange promo) when she was given (promotional food) cheese smothered gyoza! I didn't know such thing existed! XD




    At first I thought that's just a light topping lol. But I'd love to taste one.

  10. 19 hours ago, Focslain said:

    I saw the first season, waiting for the second to finish before I binge it. Which tends to be my watch cycle these days out side the 6-7 my local group watches.

    Agreed 86 is good sci-fi mecha action. I want to try out Sakuga soon as well, it looks like fun.

    Maybe because it's not a humanoid type mecha. And that was a good decision on your part to wait. I was left hanging due to the delays and so I binge read the light novels. I am so spoiled with the future events. Also there are good battles (past this season) that would look awesome animated, praying for more seasons (should use the same crew making it of course). For this season it's a really big baddie mech they're fighting and that's why they're probably having issues animating it.

    Sakugan however has disappointed me after the first few episodes. The MCs annoying levels seem to go up not down, especially the dad character. The first ep was good though.

  11. Not many people from here are watching the 86 anime? It's good, though plagued with production issues currently.

    I'm enjoying Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu, but official subs are awful.

    Faraway Paladin has a good source material, but animation isn't that great, just acceptable. At least it's not Kumo desu ga levels of bad 2D animation.

    Ousama Ranking has been the surprise of the season though, great story.

  12. On 11/5/2021 at 4:56 PM, DewPoint said:

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date on May'n.  She seems to be keeping herself very busy. I am a bit concerned that she may be taking on too much and could burn out.

    I guess better busy than doing nothing. Other performers are probably not getting jobs due to COVID, especially in places that have lockdowns/restrictions. I think she's being smart by taking on new opportunities. But yeah, how does she sleep with all those stuff she's doing?

  13. lol I forgot about this bundle because I was busy with moving out preparations. Hopefully the choices will be better in a future bundle.

    On 10/5/2021 at 10:36 PM, RavenHawk said:

    I read everything on Kindle (or Comixology). While you can convert the PDFs to Kindle's format, you don't have the guided view. It gets annoying having to zoom in to read text on your phone or tablet). That is literally the only reason I didn't buy this bundle. Other than that, it seems like a great deal, and I'd love to read the Blade Runner stuff, the Sherlock stuff (and even the latter RT stuff, enjoying it for the weirdness that it is and not thinking of it with its relation to the source material).

    The Kindle is too small for me, so I read my comic purchases from Amazon on a 10" tablet. Guided view is great on there. I also bought a monitor that can be rotated 180 degrees, though it's pain to put it back to landscape when I want to watch videos.

  14. So I saw the 1st episode. The Empire side was well done, it was interesting. Politics are always interesting. The Foundation side was just ok. However I did not like


    them veering off and having Raych apparently stab Hari Seldon. And then sending off Gaal in a pod...what was the point???

    And they sex it up with Raych and Gaal...I'm not opposed to the idea of 'spicing' up the series, but really, this is all they could think of to have viewers become emotionally invested in characters?

    So, the gender-swaps are a non-issue, it's the plots I'm worried about. And I have seen enough that I don't watch any more of it. I am just going to be disappointed as a book reader. Non-book readers, however, might find it more enjoyable. Although from comments on episode 2 it seems inconsistencies are already cropping up in the dialogue/plot. I think that means they're being careless...

    In short, I thought it started out good despite some plot changes, then that twist/surprise at the end I just didn't like. Too far off the canon.

  15. 5 hours ago, tekering said:

    Yeah, and got locked hehe.


    Seriously there are people who like those, I see comments here and there (usually reddit).  This is just an FYI for like-minded.

    I just read the reviews for the Sherlock comic and they seem good. That seems enough reason, just not enough to buy it right now.

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