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  1. 19 hours ago, VF25-F said:

    More food! In her latest post, she was putting on makeup at Animate Utsunomiya store (Orange promo) when she was given (promotional food) cheese smothered gyoza! I didn't know such thing existed! XD




    At first I thought that's just a light topping lol. But I'd love to taste one.

  2. 19 hours ago, Focslain said:

    I saw the first season, waiting for the second to finish before I binge it. Which tends to be my watch cycle these days out side the 6-7 my local group watches.

    Agreed 86 is good sci-fi mecha action. I want to try out Sakuga soon as well, it looks like fun.

    Maybe because it's not a humanoid type mecha. And that was a good decision on your part to wait. I was left hanging due to the delays and so I binge read the light novels. I am so spoiled with the future events. Also there are good battles (past this season) that would look awesome animated, praying for more seasons (should use the same crew making it of course). For this season it's a really big baddie mech they're fighting and that's why they're probably having issues animating it.

    Sakugan however has disappointed me after the first few episodes. The MCs annoying levels seem to go up not down, especially the dad character. The first ep was good though.

  3. On 11/16/2021 at 7:00 PM, JetJockey said:

    Without spoiling it, for anyone here that saw the new movie, does Mirage have any cool scenes in her new jet? I want to know to decide if I'm going to get the upcoming version. Thanks.

    So did you preorder it? How was PO day? I'm on the fence, Macross Delta isn't really my fave series after all.

  4. Not many people from here are watching the 86 anime? It's good, though plagued with production issues currently.

    I'm enjoying Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu, but official subs are awful.

    Faraway Paladin has a good source material, but animation isn't that great, just acceptable. At least it's not Kumo desu ga levels of bad 2D animation.

    Ousama Ranking has been the surprise of the season though, great story.

  5. On 11/5/2021 at 4:56 PM, DewPoint said:

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date on May'n.  She seems to be keeping herself very busy. I am a bit concerned that she may be taking on too much and could burn out.

    I guess better busy than doing nothing. Other performers are probably not getting jobs due to COVID, especially in places that have lockdowns/restrictions. I think she's being smart by taking on new opportunities. But yeah, how does she sleep with all those stuff she's doing?

  6. lol I forgot about this bundle because I was busy with moving out preparations. Hopefully the choices will be better in a future bundle.

    On 10/5/2021 at 10:36 PM, RavenHawk said:

    I read everything on Kindle (or Comixology). While you can convert the PDFs to Kindle's format, you don't have the guided view. It gets annoying having to zoom in to read text on your phone or tablet). That is literally the only reason I didn't buy this bundle. Other than that, it seems like a great deal, and I'd love to read the Blade Runner stuff, the Sherlock stuff (and even the latter RT stuff, enjoying it for the weirdness that it is and not thinking of it with its relation to the source material).

    The Kindle is too small for me, so I read my comic purchases from Amazon on a 10" tablet. Guided view is great on there. I also bought a monitor that can be rotated 180 degrees, though it's pain to put it back to landscape when I want to watch videos.

  7. So I saw the 1st episode. The Empire side was well done, it was interesting. Politics are always interesting. The Foundation side was just ok. However I did not like


    them veering off and having Raych apparently stab Hari Seldon. And then sending off Gaal in a pod...what was the point???

    And they sex it up with Raych and Gaal...I'm not opposed to the idea of 'spicing' up the series, but really, this is all they could think of to have viewers become emotionally invested in characters?

    So, the gender-swaps are a non-issue, it's the plots I'm worried about. And I have seen enough that I don't watch any more of it. I am just going to be disappointed as a book reader. Non-book readers, however, might find it more enjoyable. Although from comments on episode 2 it seems inconsistencies are already cropping up in the dialogue/plot. I think that means they're being careless...

    In short, I thought it started out good despite some plot changes, then that twist/surprise at the end I just didn't like. Too far off the canon.

  8. 5 hours ago, tekering said:

    Yeah, and got locked hehe.


    Seriously there are people who like those, I see comments here and there (usually reddit).  This is just an FYI for like-minded.

    I just read the reviews for the Sherlock comic and they seem good. That seems enough reason, just not enough to buy it right now.

  9. On 9/1/2021 at 6:04 AM, renegadeleader1 said:

    You know, this is pretty much why I don't watch comedies or slice of life shows anymore. 30+ years of anime watching and it's the same dumb tired jokes of guy says something awkward, guy walks in on girl in the shower, or girl changing, or trips and falls landing on said girl with a knee full of crotch & and a handfull of bewbie all resulting in the guy getting punched to the moon.


    It was old and tired in Love Hina, and it's even more older and more tired today. Imagine how bad all comedy films or sitcoms would be in the US if they all used the same recycled jokes from Jim Carey's Ace Ventura over and over again.


    You'd want to shoot yourself.

    Yeah a lot of that repeating over and over and no need to be 'woke' to be sick of it. It all goes into generic territory real quick, so I get picky. Though sometimes I can really just need a dumb show where you don't have to think.

  10. 5 hours ago, Hikaru Ichijo SL said:

    I haven't read the last book yet.  So I have no idea.  It gets a bit more serious towards the end.

    Ok thanks. Maybe I will just finish season 1 for now. I'm trying to take my mind off this pandemic and unfortunately the standards for de-stressing have gone up haha. I get bored easily now or lose attention.


    Also got into Hetalia World Stars but they're too short, the episodes are easily finished. May have to go back to some old series to rewatch something...

  11. On 8/26/2021 at 5:22 AM, Hikaru Ichijo SL said:

     I loved Hataraku Maou Sama (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) and I am so glad it is finally getting a 2nd season.  After reading the light novels, I do agree the comedy is really not front and center.

    I've been looking for light shows and actually started watching this for the comedy. So does it get tragic/overly serious at the end? I've read some gripes about the LN ending but haven't spoiled myself about it. Is the ending that bad or just below expectations?

    I also recently finished Kaguya-sama Love is War S2, and I can say my standards for light and fun have gone up a bit. Did not see the downside to that haha

  12. 5 hours ago, crackpot said:

    Did she really think people will line up to the theaters in this current situation? 

    She just wants the additional money from streaming.



    Even before the pandemic, Ms. Johansson was concerned that “Black Window” could end up on Disney+ as part of its wide release. In 2019, Ms. Johansson’s representatives reached out to Marvel seeking assurance that “Black Widow” would have a theatrical-only release, according to the complaint.

    In a March 2019 email included in the suit, Marvel Chief Counsel Dave Galluzzi said the release would be according to a traditional theatrical model, adding, “We understand that should the plan change, we would need to discuss this with you and come to an understanding as the deal is based on a series of (very large) box office bonuses.” [....]

    According to the complaint, Ms. Johansson’s representatives sought to renegotiate her contract after learning of the dual-release strategy for “Black Widow,” which she has said is her ninth and last Marvel movie. Disney and Marvel were unresponsive, the suit said.



  13. 21 hours ago, renegadeleader1 said:

    *cracks knuckles*


    Welcome to my forte! I actually presentations on ice hockey in Japan!


    Hockey in Japan has existed since the early 1920s when it was introduce by the so called "sports minister" Ryozo Hiranuma. He's also the guy that helped introduce baseball, and was instrumental in bringing both the 1940 Summer & Winter Olympics to Japan, before... WWII kinda forced them to be cancelled.


    Anyways the Japanese women's national team has existed since at least 1986 and were part of the first official IIHF women's world championship in 1990, and the earlier 1987 test series. They've had three Olympic appearances, once as host in 1998 and twice by qualifying under their own merit in 2014 and 2018.


    They're currently ranked 6th in the world and are in the IIHF's top division alongside USA, Canada, Finland, Russia, and Switzerland. Their recent success at the Olympics(in 2018 they actually won games and got out of the pool stage) and their ability to hang on in the top championship level is probably what's driving the push for this anime.

    Didn't expect this level of detail, but now I know! :D

    They should also probably do a softball anime, because I just read they actually won gold! And skating! (lol we got SK8, I haven't finished that one too)

  14. So I searched for some videos to reminisce and then I found out the other female lead committed suicide last year T_T RIP Yuuko Takeuchi

    And she left behind 2 kids, the last one not even a year old at the time of her death.


    Anyway, on topic. The summer anime are not so 'strong' as spring's. I'm mostly watching sequels such as Slime, Hamefura, and Maid Dragon. The only new show I'm sure to follow is Kageki Shojou. On the fence with Vanitas Carte and Sonny Boy.

  15. 2 hours ago, renegadeleader1 said:

    This is probably my most anticipated anime in a long time if not ever. I've waited for what seems lik forever for an actual ice hockey anime.



    Does Japan even have a girls' hockey team? Or is this just another cute girls' doing sports anime?

    But I love that the anime title references (most probably) an old KimuTaku jdorama about hockey, simply titled Pride.

    Edit: It would also complete that if they play a Queen song. I'd settle for 'We Will Rock You' :D

  16. 15 hours ago, TangledThorns said:

    In the future every restaurant is a Jollibee :p

    I visited Manila for a two week business trip back in December 2011. Didn't go to a Jollibee but did try their KFC and it was awful, lol. One of their sides was spaghetti and the sauce was so sweet that it should have been called tomato syrup, haha.


    Haha Filipinos love sweet stuff. When I was in Australia I got to taste their KFC and I totally do not remember the taste. On the other hand KFC taste also depends on the branch based on my experience. There was one where the rice meal felt like it overdosed on MSG (or salt?) and I swore never to order a meal like that again.

    13 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    Jollibee is the king. ;)

    In the future, every corner will have a Jollibee restaurant. Been promoting their Ube Pearl Shake to @spanner for years. :lol:



    And to be honest, I feel proud being a Filipino seeing Jollibee for a few minutes in Gundam Hathaway. :hi:


    Looks like I will have to power through Zeta, ZZ, and CCA. I have problems finishing Zeta, I seem to be able to watch only a few new episodes each year.  @_@

    When I started watching, the pandemic was quite far away haha

  17. 1 hour ago, technoblue said:

    I missed that, perhaps…

      Hide contents

    Dors and the alter ego of R. Daneel Olivaw have been combined into one character for the new Apple series? That would be a bit disappointing, as someone who enjoyed the books, but it wouldn’t be the first time book details were edited out in the screen play.


    Oh dear, so they're trying to save costs on hiring another actor for an important character while introducing new ones?  @_@

    It doesn't


    work well if we based it on the source, since Dors ultimately dies and R. Daneel is just manipulating stuff from the shadows. What feels more plausible is they show that Eto can be a 'man' as a hidden alter ego, because he is ultimately a robot. I hope they show it as downloading his 'consciousness' into a new body, since duh, shapeshifting has been done in Terminator 2 and looks lazy to me.

    I looked it up in wikipedia and it seems the first ep director is Rupert Sanders. My expectations are just going into negative territory right now haha. Ghost in the Shell had the right callbacks, but ultimately doesn't capture the essence of the source. But it would be funny if


    Scarlett Johansson does a cameo as a 'robot'. Better yet, shifts between being a woman into a man and then back again. For lols

    Edit: Reading the description again, they mention only Salvor as the gender-swapped character, and not the other one I was complaining about. Hmm, interesting wording. Or I'm just reading too much into it.

  18. Here's the chronological reading I stole off one of the article comments.


    The Complete Robot (1982) Collection of 31 Short Stories about robots.
    The Caves of Steel (1954) His first Robot novel.
    The Naked Sun (1957) The second Robot novel.
    The Robots of Dawn (1983) The third Robot novel.
    Robots and Empire (1985) The fourth (final) Robot novel.
    The Currents of Space (1952) The first Empire novel.
    The Stars, Like Dust-- (1951) The second Empire novel.
    Pebble in the Sky (1950) The third and final Empire novel.
    Prelude to Foundation (1988) The first Foundation novel.
    Forward the Foundation (1992) The second Foundation novel. (Not in Asimov's list as it had not been written yet.)
    Foundation (1951) The third Foundation novel, comprised of 5 stories originally published between 1942-1949.
    Foundation and Empire (1952) The fourth Foundation novel, comprised of 2 stories originally published in 1945.
    Second Foundation (1953) The fifth Foundation novel, comprised of 2 stories originally published in 1948 and 1949.
    Foundation's Edge (1982) The sixth Foundation novel.
    Foundation and Earth (1983) The seventh Foundation novel.

    The Robot Novels can be ignored, but I'm starting to have 2nd thoughts of a whole re-read. Just looking at the show's character lists, it doesn't inspire confidence at faithfulness to the story. I've read all Foundation and Robot Novels, so maybe I'll start on the Empire ones I haven't read.

  19. So I finally read a real article about this (haven't really bothered looking things up before).


    Harris plays Seldon, with Lee Pace co-starring as Brother Day, current emperor of the galaxy and part of a long line of emperor clones (the aforementioned Cleons). Lou Llobell plays Seldon's mathematical genius protegé, Gaal; Leah Harvey plays a gender-swapped Salvor, warden of Terminus; and Laura Birn plays Eto Demerzel, aide to Brother Day.

    And comparing with the wiki summary...


    There's no Dors Venabili???!!!! And Eto Demerzel is a woman??? Wasn't Eto a guy?  Or was it the other persona? There goes my dreams of Robot Novel prequels...

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