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  1. I found Tenax glue sales person but they only sell tenax glues for ceramics. Sales person said she does not know what Tenax glue works with abs. Can anyone tell me what model of Tenax plastic glue that works Arcadia kits so I can tell her what to find?
  2. I found a local restorer who is willing to fix my vf0 but he says he is going to use super glue. He is a professional and i trust him. I'am just concerned with what Mechanic said super glue isn't good. Should i insist and tell him not to use super glue? Plastic weld is a little harder to get. Is plastic weld much better than super glue? Is it like Tamiya glue?
  3. Thank you for the tip. The part that broke is definitely plastic. I will see if i can find liquid plastic weld.this is the message hlj sent me.:
  4. Bad news... HLJ does not ship Arcadia parts, unless you buy a Valkyrie from them. I am SoL, ill just sue super glue.
  5. hey that is a good idea. let me ask hlj.
  6. yup. extended the landing gear, it would go in so i pushed in a bit then it broke. Now I'm sad, I realized I should not have done that.
  7. Hello Macross forums, This is my first post. I have one of the new vf0a and I broke the landing gear. I opened the landing gear and then when tried close back the landing it would not go in, so i pushed it in with force, now the little pipe on the side of the landing gear is loose, its got even a little crack. How do you fix this problem? Does Arcadia sell spare landing gears?
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