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  1. 23 minutes ago, borgified said:

    I read that SAL can take up to two months before you get the package at the doorstep (usually 5 weeks is the average). My copy of Mirage's 31c from Amiami via SAL is still sitting at the docks according to the updates since the last month (ordered it before Golden Week holidays).

    I ordered two items from Manda via SAL and it took two weeks from the post of exchange into YVR's postal outlet.

    Hopefully that Mirage's 31c arrives intact and not battered up (even EMS does have battered up boxes). It's not the senders fault of damaged boxes. but it's commonly how the postal people handle the package.. :mellow:


    Depends on the destination. To Chile best case scenario is three weeks, normally six and worst case so far two months

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