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  1. Hey is anybody at MacrossWorld.? Im gonna be there hoping for more info!! I guess i should have posted earlier.. Wanting to meet fans and talk about my fan film:)
  2. Good things come to those who wait:)
  3. Yeah I just read ur post about legalities. About "Dirty Laundry". Thats exactly how I would do it. I think I have a good idea of what I can do legally without copyright infringement. I also follow Adi Shankars work and the "Power/Rangers" Movie is back up. Hence just showing the the bits and not the whole thing. Also the forward slash between power and rangers.
  4. Im really excited about this stated doing sketches.
  5. I love the way you think. i may have something cooking:)
  6. Here is a test I did for a a YF-19 flight. Sorry i can't post the clip.
  7. http://anime.astronerdboy.com/2015/03/no-robotech-macross.html Let me get my pen and paper ready!!
  8. So I've been doing a lot of research. What if i Created a new Character and designed a new fighter used military lingo titled it something vague? Would that still be copyright infringement. But if a macross fan watches it He/She would know its a fan film?
  9. Thanks for all the advice. And yes if i decide to make it i will post here. I was thinking of creating new characters within the universe that focuses more on story rather than VFX but has elements of it. I know about the HG thing and that is why i want to know how to contact Shoji Kawamori and try to get his permission(if that is possible). This is not for profit and fame. I am just a true fan of Macross and Robotech. I just don't want big studios to frakk it up like they always do. I want to make it before sony does before its tainted with hollywood bigwigs. Im staying away from any HG related stories and Mecha i want the story to take place between Plus and Frontier. If that helps:)
  10. I am a VFX artist and Director and I want to make a Macross Fan Film for the fans, Do I need Permission to do so? I have the ability to make it look like the Fan Made Power Rangers Movie that got pulled down on youtube. How can I get Permission and who do I Talk to?
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