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  1. Hey Chas! Awsome work! Thanx for that and thanx Rob for the hosting. uhm... I don't know if it is my browser, but the book is on 3 files? Any of those have the lineart posted before (I think it belongs to the end of the book?). Chas: The TIA 11 would be a great book to see. I'm about to buy one myself and I don't know how cool it is. RoB: I have some artbooks scanned to share: the 3 TIA from the series, The Macross 2, Plus and the Best Hit Series: Macross Graffitti. Please send me a PM to let me know how to send you the files
  2. Nice spelling! And you borne same day/same year as my wife BTW.... She tell's me that a lot
  3. Your'r right. The program is called Video ToolBox and it also provide the link where you can download the audio or video codec
  4. Hey guys! Does anyones have the image of the valkgirl that is on the Advertisement section on the Title? that one looks pretty cool. (but I think is kind of PG)
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