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  1. 6 hours ago, jvmacross said:

    Looking forward to this....might be time to move onto a "Macross 7 30th Anniversary Pictorial Celebration Through Diorama and Photoshop" thread!...


    im ready..... ill be on standby!

  2. On 1/26/2024 at 2:55 PM, Shawn said:

    Can I be super honest here...after 40 years of watching this movie, until I saw the tent description, I did NOT KNOW this was a PARACHUTE from the valkyrie
    I never questioned 'why would there be a tent' available, just figured it was some sort of emergency supply stored somewhere


    well.... this is WoW.... I guess as a kid/ teen... there were just details that were over shadowed by a complicated Love Triangle and Amazing Mecha???!!!  What an amazing insight on the tent!  Seriously, why would there be a tent, in a trainer valk???  man o man  lol

  3. 17 minutes ago, shazam said:

    27 bids and $455 later someone had a new Dana Sterling figure. 🤩

    I hope the KC figure is better than the images offered. I am still going to get this figure. It's the "when" am I going to get this figure. 

    It's the "when", is the part we all share.  For now, here's a Wen we can enjoy in the meantime.


  4. On 12/25/2023 at 8:32 PM, CoryHolmes said:

    I want!


    But I have no printer and no modelling skills.  So I will lust from afar!

    Never fret!  I just started a few months ago!  An exacto knife and some styrene.. some paint.. learn as you go!  I don't know how to 3D print either, I found a buddy online that just happened to make a cool Bowie and gun!  It's never too late to start my friend!

  5. On 12/24/2023 at 10:57 AM, pengbuzz said:

    While waiting to find a solution to lightening up the paint job on my Tomcat (suggestions welcome folks!), I started a Christmas project  a little early (my wife let me open one of my gifts a day or so in advance):


    She got me a pre-painted 1/6 Horizon Robocop model that I had been asking for (I wanted any version of it really, but she found this one for me!) for Christmas. The basis behind this project is to cut apart the armor and mount it on a 1/6 body, making it into a fully poseable 1/6 figure.

    *Note: 500+ dollars for a 1/6 figure from Hot Toys is well out of my price range!!! O.O Even 60 bucks is a bit much (which this cost)!*

    So, got the armor cut apart and test mounted:

    100_0232.JPG.bd1d03611694d9a8232565518b31a883.JPG 100_0235.JPG.5951a67166f5266cd1eb90d6be0fcaa8.JPG100_0237.JPG.6e81d55b62b29e00b6b2c6683faeb191.JPG

    Most of the parts fit okay, with the chest being a primary area of concern. It's a bit wide for any of the 1/6 figures, and after comparing it to screenshots and still pics I have, it needed some reworking. Thankfully, vinyl figures can be reshaped via a heat gun or hair dryer (note: if you're cutting a vinyl figure,  it stands a very good chance of cracking unless you heat the material first).

    Next, time to sew up the body suit:


    This was a couple of pieces of Spandex/ Lycra from an old piece of clothing my wife no longer wears (a top that had this under a layer of lace that wore out), that I ended up harvesting for this project. I hand-stitched the pants and top for the undersuit, after which I slid the armor parts into place. Some were tacked into position with hot melt glue, while others I put furniture cushion foam in between the outer shell and the inner bodysuit both to hold it and cushion the figure from any abrasiveness from the vinyl:

    100_0239.JPG.c6eca697bf83544fe95f287253538c18.JPG   100_0240.JPG.c722412649d0b4960674d2d8fac8a660.JPG

    My work so far (apologies for the blurry pics; will try to get better ones tonight with a fresh set of batteries):

       100_0245.JPG.4be2b3581b7bbb9819e8c8179a293927.JPG 100_0246.JPG.dd33914f18071b1f1901fdc9a1d819e2.JPG100_0247.JPG.0bc47e0b1b9ffb5468be867fdb386a7d.JPG

    The helmet comes off the figure, revealing Murphy's face underneath. I'm planning on finding a cost-effective way to make a mold of the head sans helmet; after than, I will case a new face and rework it to exclude the chin guard and show a better portrait of Peter Weller in the role. The plan is for two interchangeable heads; this way, I can permanently glue the helmet to the original and fill the head so it remains stable, and have the option of switching the heads:


    Stay tuned...


    Awesome job!  Love the WIP!

  6. On 12/16/2023 at 9:02 PM, jvmacross said:

    Takatoku was going to release a stand alone Super Parts set...like they did for the GBP armor...but never got to release them...


    "The appeal of Super Valkyrie lies not only in the Valkyrie itself, but also in the Super Parts (Booster for outer space) that are attached to it.  What are it's equipment and performance?

    First, the parts attached to the arms are equipped with two micro missiles each, and are designed to increase bulletproof capabilities.

    Next, the leg parts are propellant tanks dedicated to propellant and coolant, which help extend the action time.

    Lastly, the booster tank is the most distinctive feature of Super Valkyrie, and this is attached to the back of the fighter, and the equipped High-Mobility nozzle and booster nozzle maximize acceleration and maneuverability.  There is, addictionaly, the front of the booster is a missile pod, and its firepower is several steps higher than the standard type.  After all, it is a Super Mechanism.   Super Valkyrie.

    Booster exclusively for use outside the atmosphere Coming Soon.  (estimated price) 1,500 yen.  Of course, it can be installed on each Valkyrie."

  7. 1 hour ago, takatoys said:

    Finally I was able to complete the four box variations of the Takatoku VF-1J. Twenty five years ago, this set could’ve cost a fortune, nowadays prices have gone down considerably. Only super mint in box boxes are going for big money.





    ayyy, good job man.  those boxes are in pretty good condition too, for all 4.  what's next on your list now?

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