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  1. hmmm, I remember those black stickers from the first Strike I purchased early 2000s. I pulled out the 3 I have now, took some pics.

    Strike 1


    Strike 2



    Strike 3 (slight over spray chest)



  2. 6 hours ago, Shawn said:

    Going into the MW Wayback machine...had a request to see if I had the old wall of takatoku/bandai pic from 20+ years ago
    I think this was it...who's collection was this? I can't remember.




    Thank you Shawn... my request is fulfilled!

  3. ahhh... the VF-2SS.

    I've waited so long for this to be released, i shall come out of valkyrie retirement for this piece. I have no complaints whatsoever on the design, price, articulation, etc etc... I have fond memories from when i was younger, watching Macross II and day dreaming of a transformable toy. Just the fact that it's here fills my heart with joy lol!

  4. i love the 1/55 scale valks! ever since i was in kindergarden, i remember this boy brought his jetfire to school and i instantly fell in love with it. it was heavy and the whhels kept hurting my fingers when i released them :p the degree of difficulty to transform it to a robot was pretty significant, especially for a 4-5 year old, and with all the armor lol. my favorite is the 1/55 strike valkyrie. i have 3 :)

  5. just got through reading the 11 pages! i'm glad to see that old project up and running again, to the finish! im pretty old school with all this macross/ mospeada stuff, so i'd rather have a 1/35 Tled. the beast project is probably the nicest mospeada item to ever live, but an old 1/35 legioss can transform thru all 3 modes :) lmk if u ever proceed with this project Nightmare.

  6. wow. just got done reading 11 pages, its been a while. i remember back when i was in college and there were like 200 members on the old MW forums. this project was on the front page and i was drooling. so happy to see it moving forward, just yesterday i was wondering what had become of jm and this crazy massive scratch build model. popped in Mospeada once again on the dvd player and now it looks like i'm gonna be hitting up the forums once again! great job captain america!

  7. it's been years since i've logged on to MW. i am currently watching Mospeada all over again on dvd, and it has sparked the bug in me once again. so whatever happened to this project? i'm currently on the hunt for a 1/35 legioss, and was pondering the idea of a partner scaled Tled. googled the idea, lo and behold, here i am. fill me in?

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