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  1. On 11/29/2021 at 1:16 PM, Special Sauce said:

    Are people pissed that stayed up during pre-order madness whether they scored or not?  Now those guys must be cancelling orders left and right.  I mean they'd be paying higher shipping fees if they didn't.

    nope,  keeping my Japan preorders.   Price is cheaper for me even with international shipping.  And I have the option of getting it 2- 3 months earlier that US domestics release.   

  2. 2 hours ago, Captain Global said:

    Thanks for the info, makes more sense then. The oficial EMS page does not allow you to enter the dimensions, only the weight, so I calculated the 4.300/4850JPY. However when using the Buyee shipping calculator, wich includes dimensions, the price was still 4300.

    I just sent them a mail this monrning asking if there is any problem.

    We'll, see. 

    besides the dimensions you also need to add in the extra weight of the shipping box and packaging material  which can range from 600gram to 800 grams. 


  3. 9 hours ago, Bullet_Sponge said:

    If you are in the states,  you are better off with the stores that have it at 219 with free shipping (entertainmentearth.com,  Thechosenprime.com)


    I discovered this with the metal build Justice Gundam.  Works out to be about $10-15 cheaper even when using the cheapest shipping option.  Then again,  I'm in FL, so maybe less if on the west coast.

    Ordering in the States is normally my backup plan .. because of the sales tax.  most of those stores now added in California sales tax (around 9 percent).  so it added a extra $20,

    My order from HLJ at 22,000 + 2910 (surface mail)  would be at 24910 yen which is $215.   and if I go with DHL it would be $221.52 and I will get it 2-3 month sooner,,

    this of course is comparing to ordering it in the state and have to pay tax around $240 total.   Now if I can get it at a store without tax then the price will be very close,  

  4. 11 hours ago, Rein+ said:

    Question, is this pre-order for japan only? are there any chance the PO will be open for another country?

    Normally preorder for Macross stuff is for Japan only, there is a set DATE and time for when a preorder starts.

    but since this is the first WWM VALK which is also suppose to be for worldwide.. then it will most likely see preorder opening in other country's that have Bandai distribution but we do not know when yet.

    Examples are the SOUL of CHOGOKIN  and METAL BUILD /METAL COMPOSITE line .  For USA , they normally pop up for preorder couple of days or a week after the Japanese preorder.   But the thing over in USA is that there is not set date or time on when those preorders open up at stores since its up to the stores themselves on when to post them.

  5. 6 hours ago, sumyumgoy said:

    CDJapan is currently offering a 1,111 off 10,000 JPY coupon good until 11/12.


    Brings down the cost of Bartley just a little bit more. 

    Also, Amazon Japan lowered their price a bit as well.


    It's now 19,566 JPY (instead of 22,000) but my original order actually went all the way down to 18,735 JPY before shipping.


    yeah, that extra 1111 yen off from CDJapan does make it very temping to get a second one. But...

    • Cancellation and modifications to an order are NOT possible after the application of a coupon.
    • The promotion is limited to one coupon per customer.
    • Points will not be accumulated for the discounted portion of your order after redeeming a coupon.


    So If I add this to a new order, I probably wont be able to combine it with my exciting order to save on shipping..  they might not let me cancel this order either.. ;)


  6. easy preorder.   HLJ price is good,, preordered ^_^

    And then I notice I still have bunch of points at CDjapan.. and their price is not bad either.. ,,also Preordered :D

    Amazon Japans seems kinda pricey this time.



  7. 25 minutes ago, f-valk said:

    https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1180623287&ref=list&sort=price&soldOut=1&keyword=Dx vf-1&lang=en

    Used Dx tv max, in case anyone else is looking. 

    I couldn't find a stand- alone thread for Dx vf-1a so I posted here. (Sorry, Mods.  please move to correct thread).

    you can post it on the other section, there’s one for mandarake listings 


  8. 6 minutes ago, Slave IV said:


    You make more room by renting space, buying storage, adding on to your property and buying bigger property.

    But that’s cheating , if you have unlimited storage space you will not stop . 😜

  9. 22 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    Here's another one $0.70 less from the link you posted. ;) 


    If they are going to go the ebay route, and if they have an American express card they can save another $5. :lol:


    "American Express via Amex Offers is offering select American Express Cardholders: $5 Statement Credit when you spend $15 or more w/ your enrolled Amex Card and make a purchase at eBay Online (purchases must be made in USD via the US version of the website). Offer valid through December 31, 2021 or while offer last.

    Thanks to Deal Editor StrawMan86 for finding this deal

    Note, offer/availability may vary by cardholder. Please login to your American Express account to see if you're eligible to add this offer to your card"


  10. 8 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    Nice! I'm in! :good: 

    I just need to find what to order this November. I wish there's a size for me on those Chogokin and Metal Build shirts, just in case. ;)


    hmm, Im not sure if you have to order anything,, sounds like if you just sign up , you will be enter in the drawing. :unknw:   . but If you install the app and take a screen shot and msg them they will sent you a new coupon code.. so maybe do that before purchasing . ^_^   As for T-Shirt size ,, back then it was all about Extra large,,, but now it's about tight fit , so size small? ..:lol:

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