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  1. From the description of the kit on HLJ, it states that the kit parts are molded in colored plastic, so it doesn't need painting, and includes decals for her eyes.

  2. it's just me, or the Bridge looks very small? :unsure:

    I was wondering that myself.

    Sorry for all the confusion on the Wave vs. Hasegawa. I'm actually glad it is Hasegawa because it will probably be a more affordable kit, when produced. Wave has a tendency to be a bit pricey on their new tool kits.

  3. I have a question about translation of "Macross: Do You Remember Love?"

    I have seen three different subtitled versions and there is one scene I would like clarification on.

    After Max defeats Milia on the Meltrandi ship, they hear Minmay's song.

    Max walks towards Milia and says "Beautiful" (referring to Milia)

    In subtitle version one, Milia replys "Handsome" (referring to Max).

    In subtitle version two, Milia replys "Beautiful" (referring either to Minmay's song or Max, depending on interpretaion).

    In subtitle version three, Milia replys "Beautiful?" (as a question, seemingly not understanding the concept).

    As near as I can tell, Max and Milia say the same word in Japanese, so the question is, which is the more accurate translation?

  4. The main reason I would lobby for 1/1000 is the amount of anime ships that are available in that scale.

    Captain Harlock's Arcadia

    Space Cruiser Yamato

    honneamise's Oberth

    Plus the Polar Lights TOS and Movie era Enterprise plus conversion kits, the AMT Excelsior and Enterprise B.

    There are probably more out there that I don't know about or can think of.

    However, I fully understand if you are limited due to equipment capabilities.

    Regardless of size, I will be in for at least one.

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