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  1. Depending on scale, I still wouldn't go beyond semi-gloss. On a 1/72 or smaller Valk, a high gloss finish makes it look toy-like.

    And as to your original question, even if you are going for a gloss finish, I would suggest painting the model in flat and then top coating with a clear gloss. Flat paints just seem to be more forgiving.

  2. By the way, what kind of figure is on the tail?.

    Since is says "Miss Macross 2009" on top of the starboard intake and the thing on the tail looks like a crown, I am going to assume it is the Miss Macross Crown. Also, if you look really closely, the text around the crown on the tail says Miss Macross AD 2009.

  3. Just an idea...

    I already have a v1, so picking up another one (though that would be awesome) may be a stretch unless I come across some surplus funds. (like that'll ever happen <_< ) I think it would be really cool though if you could offer just some upgrade parts to the v1 owners. I think the feet especially would be worth buying as an upgrade to the kit I have already.

    I second the idea of offering an upgrade set to V1 owners.

    Regardless of what you do, keep up the great work, Mike.

  4. We're moving the dates to a later part of the year to accomodate even more people attending and have already a few surprises in store.

    I hope the first two weekends in August are not one of the potential dates.

    Next year's IPMS Nationals are August 4th through the 7th in Phoenix and I really want to attend MW Con next year (I have to attend the Nationals because I am on the planning committee and part of the host chapter).

  5. As of 3:26PM EST, 9 spots still unfilled.

    Well, you have to give those of us in the Pacific (or non-daylight savings Mountain Standard in my case) time zone a little time... B))

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