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  1. I received the replacement part today, I wished for a more visible frame but its okay, there aren't bumps and it can be used without troubles.

    Thanks to Hobbyfan for the quick replacement. :)

  2. Concerning privately owned variables...  There are privately owned fighter jets (mainly early model MiG-29s, and F-16s) around...  So, in the Macross world, a parallel would be private VFs.  It doesn't mean they were/are cheap, necessarily.

    I'm not too well-read on Mac7, but weren't the non-military VFs owned by [presumably rich] pop stars?  (Similar to Travolta's aircraft collection, which includes an F-16 or two, as I recall.)

    Anyway, enough talk.  Let's see if we can't post some designs! :D



    Nope they don't privately own their valks, they are supllied by the army to them, and they aren't rich at all for the most of series :lol:

    However in an episode its shown that some City7 citizens privately own some space war 1 valks and destroyers (even a monster!), some of them are retired soldiers.

    Looks some sort of antiques weapons collections, likely someone who collect WW2 stuff.

  3. I received my VF-4 from Hobbyfan and canopy is transparent, I'm happy to know your problem was solved. :D


    Well.. mine is clear too, it's not that the problem....

    It's the surface ok on your? Bumps, bubbles, scratch? do you clearly see the canopy frame?

  4. Nice work, but the fuselage in fighter mode its just wrong, it should be more clean with realistic aerodinamical look just like the others VF, It also have a forced Vf-1 look alike feel in the front part. Overall a little too squared and rough, it can use more curvy doby.


  5. okay, I know there are a few topics about this, but took me a while to get and start playing this game. I love it tons, but there are a few little things I can't seem to get.

    First off, what is my guy's name?

    What is my partner's (?) name?

    Are we in the same squad / is that the whole squadron?

    What is my squadron's name? Is that the one with the orange spiral or the bull?

    What is the name of the chick always yaking my ear off? Is she the one in both the Elint/Ostrich stages?

    Thanks if you can help, I could at least know who they're talking to at that point, because other wise, I'll just be doing my thing, totally oblivious that they screaming for me to stop  :lol:

    Also, can the macross be damaged by your own missles?


    In the TV story you are in the Purple squadron in Dyrl the Apollo squadron.

    I think they are all in the same squadron, no idea about the names.

  6. I'll tell you soon about my HF recast, as it is underway ;)

    I hope (sorry for you buddy), that it is onlys a sole misfortune...

    Keep you informed....


    Let me know! :)

    I had the idea of painting the canopy with some tamiya flat gray so I could take the pics, you should see the bumps

    on the sides, you don't see the canopy frame just cause there isn't one.

    It looks more like a clear lump of something then a canopy, I really hope is a sole misfortune. :p

    The resin parts looks ok, I can olways fix a resin part with mori mori and sandpaper work but How the hell do I fix something like THIS?(Its a lot worse that what it looks in the pics)


  7. i would recomend contacting hobbyfan they are usually good with replacing parts but you need to contact them soon if you wait to long you will lose your oppertunity, specially if the item goes out of stock then you will have to wait for them to get more which could take months on end.



    thanks for your reply.

    Before contacting them I would like to be sure what I received it's not normal, If the Club-M canopy actually sucks both in the original kit and in the recasts as well It's useless to lose time asking for a replacement.

  8. Hello, I got yesterday a Club-M Vf-4 from hobbyfan the resin parts looks ok but the vacu-formed canopy its ugly, I have others canopies from original garage kits and the canopy frame is visible and the plastic don't have faults even in 1/144 scale.

    In the one I got from hobbyfan, as said its ugly, the plastic its thick and looks like it didn't conformed to details as results:

    1-there are bubbles

    2- it's not really clear

    3- The frame is almost invisible on one side, thick and round upside and on one side there isn't frame at all.

    It's so ugly I think I will not be able to use it

    I would like to know from who got Club-M recasts from HF if the quality of the canopy is better as I wish to write to hobbyfan to get a replacement one.

    I will also check the resin parts closely but I have no time right now.

    Please share your opinion.


  9. It is not Hasgawa quality in terms of engravings but it is still miles above the old Macross 1/100 kits from the 80s. Since I have lots of these old ones in my basement I´ll buy this one as well. Maybe I´ll be using the tritool templates to enhance the detailing but it looks cool out of the box. Any idea of the release date? Nothing on HLJ so far....


    It should be out in June.

  10. By the way, Aquarion is airing here in Italy. It is surprising how fast they were, given the series has ended very recently in Japan. Well, probably they saved some time with a horrible dub, but that doesn't matter.

    What I wanted to tell you is that the original TV version is slightly censured. I've seen only up to 4 episodes, but there are some scenes (a pair of) where there is more lingerie. Below there is a picture from episode 3. Yes, she is Tsugumi. In the original TV version there was only a wall in that point.



    That's right, In the subbed episode I saw when Tsugumi fall down a Daeva logo its showed without reason instead of her back, didn't noticed that, a reason to watch the italian version. English fansubbers should download the ripped italian dubbed version and use part of the video footage to show what was censured.


    cmq il doppiaggio italiano fà davvero cagare, Fudo me lo hanno completamente rovinato, la traduzione invece non è malaccio, mi aspettavo di peggio sinceramente. Bruttissima la scritta "aquarion" che mostrano al posto del logo.

    koncentrazione... fusione... go aKuarion! :rolleyes:

  11. Flyng mechs in eureka world use the trapar to fly cause it's a fuel-less, easy and non-polluting way of flyng, but they have vernier trusters as well, so it's not like if they fall from the board they are dead. Also the trapar isn't always present so they must have an alternative way to fly/land.

  12. They still haven't explained what exactly is a CD and what its for yet. IIRC, it was also a power source cause dominic's bike was using a CD as fuel if i'm not mistaken.


    I don't believe it's fuel, Renton says in the first episode that to make a LFO move its necessary to have a compac drive that mediate between the pilot and the machine, so he was SHocked when Eureka said she doesn't need one.

    Apparently the CD it's an advanced control unit that transmit the will of the pilot to the machines but as you said it must be explained yet, it must be a big mistery, just think about the name "Eureka" appearing in it or the diseas it may causes.

    Charles was the kind of unusual guy that use unsual stuff, just remember the ref boards in his ship scene, so I suppose the ref skirts are a very unusual thing on LFOs, apparently the spearheads neither have a vehicle mode.

    Even if I don't like so much the ref boards i admit they add something original in the mech design and battles so its okay for me, he had a good idea that was put in action greatly, there are a lot animes that have good ideas put in action orrendly.

    BTW I was surprised when Talho talked about his sister "disappearing" and Renton didn't ask her to tell him more, just don't make sense for me.

  13. What i was trying to say is, its easier to have some simple mechanism for flight on an LFO like a jetpack with wings, or if you wanna use the trapar, the side skirts on the Spearheads would do as well compared to something complicated like a Ref board which requires human-like movements. And you could see that the engineers even had problems making the nirvash prototype walk, and getting them to be as agile as they are now, probably required probably tonnes of programming to the OS, what more programming ref-like movements into the controls.

    You are forgetting about the compac drive, in the nirvash prototype they were just using standard controls, Eureka was able to pilot perfectly the nirvash cause she doesn't need a compac drive to mediate with the machines, in the first episode she say there wasn't any compact drive slot originally, probably it was added later to use the Amita drive.

    Also renton was searching for the original compac drive in the nirvash so I presume the CD were produced after the nirvash.

    Probably with the compac drive tonnes of programming to the OS aren't necessary.

  14. There is a metallizer line made by GSI calle mr. super metallic, they came in 15ml bottle and you must thin them, they are probably the closest japanese product to alclad metallizer.


    Fine grit sponge files are a cool item to smooth out the surface, they do miracles with mr.color.


    I bought recently mr. precision swab, cool item, regular cotton swabs are too big sometime, so they are handy.


    This is going to become my favorite putty, it's a lot better then tamiya's, it's useful when you have to fill big gaps, missing plastic on the corners or reshaping.


    It's like tamiya tape but its so thin(apply with tweezers) that it bend very easely, it make masking on curvy pieces a lot easier, reccomend for canopy masking.

  15. I mostly use non-toxic cement(microweld) and welding glues (mr.cement S and Tenax 7R), I do modeling in my bedroom and I wear the respirator only when I handle toxic paints and its thinner.

    The smells of welding glues don't bother me much, I just try to don't keep the bottle under my nose.

  16. A friend of mine is currently dubbing the final pieces of Aquarion......last time I heard she was almost done, I really can't wait to see the finished results, she's pretty good.


    Do you mean for a licensed release? I haven't sene any mention of it on the news sites since it started airing,


    It's funny when they waste half series in useless episodes then rush the things at the end. Also when you look at the last episodes looks almost a different series, I don't like very much shows where they put togheter really stupid things and really serious things without any harmony.

    In the end I think Aquarion wasted a lot of good stuff to for crappy stuff, I'll keep the vids just for the assault type aquarion.

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