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  1. I pop back in here after about a month and we're now into a valk black market?
  2. Pics of box and bubble wrap, yes. Probably not even going to open it...
  3. My VF-1S TV is sitting in the Post Office, gonna pick it up tomorrow
  4. Mine's on a plane on it's way
  5. Great Hikky Skull Leader pics!
  6. Very faithful of you guys! And I'm just gonna toss Strike packs onto the Cavalier and -1S TV version...
  7. I still prefer TV white to DYRL off-white... reminds me of the Vulcan's anti-flash white scheme
  8. Whoops... being helpful doesn't help your wallet My bad. Lol.
  9. IIRC, Hobby Search has them back in stock, not bad prices too. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10193051 slightly under MSRP.
  10. IIRC, a member has the Max VF-22S up for grabs in the "For Sale" section...
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