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  1. Denki-Gai is so wonderfully raunchy! The 2nd episode had me in tears. I have to admit, it toes the "creeper" line sometimes but not enough to turn me off of it.

    I saw a lot of disappointed posted for Aldnoah and I get your points. I still like it for what it is though and I dig continuation of the Inaho/Slaine rivalry. For me, Slaine is by far the most interesting character of the show.

  2. New Gunpla Updates:

    HGBF 1/144 Transient Gundam

    SDBF Star Winning Gundam

    In other news, Bandai announced the winners of the Gundam Build Fighters Try Original MS Championship Gunpla Build Contest. The grand prize winner is the GP-AL Gundam Albion, a combination of the HGUC 1/144 Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes, Gundam GP03S Stamen, and the EX 1/1700 Albion. Expect to see this Gunpla and the other finalists in an upcoming episode.

    Gundam Build Fighters Try Original MS Championship Gundam Course Build Winners (Japan)

    I must say... that's pretty damn sexy.

  3. I found a bunch of anime on Hulu that I've never had the chance to finish so now my life has a chance to be complete. Namely, I get to finally finish Martian Successor Nadesico and RahXephon- the dub versions since that's how I started them.

    I could have finished them years ago if I watched the subs, but once I start a show one way, I have to finish it that way. That's my problem with the Evangelion rebuilds but, at this point, I'm close to just giving into the fansubs since I'm dying to see 3.33.

    I tried putting on the dub of Samurai Champloo recently and it was just weird...

  4. Gundam Build Fighters isn't as dumb as I thought it would be. It's way more fun than I expected.

    I'm taking a break from Eureka 7 before I dive into the 2nd season because the 1st season finale was a giant bag of "HUH?"

    Shirobako was another pleasant surprise for me, mostly because of the director. I'll probably be starting Denki-Gai soon. Still on the fence on picking up SAO II again- I made it about four episodes before I literally fell asleep.

  5. i'm up to date on Shirobako and yes, i would encourage folks to give it a try.

    it's a bit of a rarity being a slice of life show that isn't about students (the entire cast are working professionals).

    pretty interesting insights on the ins and outs of making an anime, including some discussions on 3D vs. hand drawn, and the characters are shown drinking actual beer rather than tea or softdrinks.

    the last few episodes had a good dose of heartwarming moments.

    Denki-gai no Honya-san is also another show currently airing where the cast are working folks (crew of a manga/anime shop in Akiba) and is quite hilarious at times.

    I added both to my queue!

    I finally watched the final episode of Kill la Kill and also finished Devil is a Part Timer so I have room for new shows.

    I'm digging Terraformars, even though I get lost every now and then. But to be honest, episodes eight and nine were a yawn for me. I get character development and all but it felt almost like filler... :5:

  6. Looks like yours came up with a 404, facing a stop-go penalty

    Seems like the link isn't working. But the main page says that they are moving, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    Sorry- I had to move servers and I just haven't had time to update/relaunch the comic but I will soon! Especially with all the buzz about Delta and the new Star Wars movie and shtuff!

  7. Thanks, milkautico! Those're tiny tiny feet though!

    Hmm sorry don't know how to add that spoiler thingie. I think he's gonna be a baddie next season, or a twisted MC seeking redemption

    Either way, I'll give it a chance and I hope they write it well.

  8. Thanks FM for responding.

    I have 2 types of variable hero mecha, or exo-suits in my Zero-G story.

    Was thinking B-Type for the smaller one, with Brawler Mode and Bike Mode.

    Then I like your idea about 'Caliber' - so how about a C-Type with Caliber Mode and Car Mode?

    This is the first time I've showed the working designs to anyone . . .



    I would buy these toys.

    Just sayin'.

    It's been like a zillion years since I've visited the MW forums - but in any event:

    My fanfiction is still going strong - all the issues (up to the current #36 of Pete's Super Robots) are here:


    Holy shitballs these are great man!

  9. I am over the moon with the announcement! I'm looking forward to yet another awesome accompanying soundtrack.

    So this one will finally answer the question of what happened to Scott Bernard and Admiral Hunter's Expeditionary Force right? JUST KIDDING!!! ...put the pitchforks down.

    Wasn't Hikaru's call-sign in DYRL Delta-1? Coincidence? Probably...

  10. I can't sorry, I actually heard it here in these forums, so me being third party source and all that I can't really say how accurate that is. Just that I remember hearing about it here.

    Still since Tytania he hasn't done anything I could see in the anime industry so I can see how that'd just reinforce that idea. Pity since it wasn't a bad show, it wasn't great either so it pretty much forgotten these days. Especially since Ishiguro and Itano worked on it as well.

    Edit: While looking around for an article I found this interview from Japanator from two years ago... It's got nothing hinting about not working in the anime industry again but interesting and thought I'd bring it up again since I'm sure this would have turned up before.

    Two years on since that interview and I'm still waiting for the conclusion of Ecole De Ciel, Mikimoto....

    Thanks for the link! I'm going to have to hunt down Tytania.

    I saw a meme floating around facebook and it gave me an idea:


    It counts, right?

    BRILLIANT. :hail::hail::hail:

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