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  1. Sorry, about this new Arcadia VF-1J, is it set for 3 modes transformation? Because pictures displayed seams to be only for wearing armor. Thanks a lot.
  2. Great, thanks a lot for your hard work!!! I think I'll meet my stands till next year because I live in Mexico city but sound excellent to know it will be soon.
  3. IsamuAD YetiStand Alpha: YetiStand Alpha with Pegged Base: 4 Extra YetiStand Arm: 2 YetiStand XL Arm: 2 YetiStand Dual Arm: 2 YetiStand Elbow: 2 I think his is almost final. I'll recheck it tomorrow only for something to add. Thanks for your hard work Yeti !
  4. Oh My!!! I need to be First for once in my life XD !!!
  5. Well yes, but maybe a fix of 3 stands will help to degrease de hazard of the gravity for a more complex dioram / formation
  6. Oh Man!!! great versatility, how many days do we still wait for that stand XD ?
  7. Hi Yeti, what is the scale that you recommend for this new stand? 1/72, 1/60 or also 1/48? I just can't wait for it to be released =)
  8. Hi, is it possible you still hace it? "have it" XD
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