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  1. ^ LOL! You know what Jason, you're right. I am wasting my time. You win dude!
  2. (sigh!) No Jason, that is exactly what you are doing. Also while we're on the issue of sentence structure, you might want to learn about "compound sentences", "coordinators" and the difference between "dependent" and "independent" clauses.
  3. I'm rather confused, where exactly did I express my disdain for the "space opera" conventions in Frontier? I have an issue with the characters and the narrative based on the motivations and actions of said characters. No. The second part of my statement "qualifies" the opinion expressed in the first half of my statement, as in the show tries to be a homage but fails. The failing of said show is predicted on my belief/opinion that it was not effective in it's aims. In the phrase "Robotech sucks and the entire series was a money pit", the latter half of the sentence does not qualify the first. Conversely saying "Robotech was a money pit because the series sucked" is an opinion that can be debated. Why did Robotech suck? It sucked because the series was a money pit. How was it a money pit? Why was it a money pit? These are questions that can only be examined contextually via a subjective interpretation of facts aka opinions. An opinion by it's very definition can never be a fact. One might have an opinion which coincides with a fact but then you still need the fact to back it up and even then two people looking at the same "facts" might have diverging perspectives aka opinions. LOL! I would only go that far if I had a penchant for playing devil's advocate. LOL! It's cool dude! Some people however did presume to take your reply rather seriously which led to reinforcing their biases.
  4. Hunh?! Umm... are you saying that annoying, cliched and asinine characters are a staple of "space opera"? If you meant Soap Opera however, you would be correct. Also, having a dissenting opinion doesn't automatically make one a "Robotech fan". I am certain this forum isn't meant to be some type of self-affirming circle-jerk.
  5. Seriously?! To me it comes across as more of an extended J-Pop music video/soap opera with annoying, cliched and asinine characters. Yeah, cuz that is *TOTALLY* what I meant!!! Reading Comprehension FAIL! Errr... Where I did stipulate that "my" opinion was a universal "fact". Pray tell!
  6. Isn't that exactly what the crappy Frontier is doing as well -- trying to emulate Macross (right down to the principal character archetypes) and failing miserably. Uninspired Imitation or Homage? Didn't the Robotech Novels (the Sentinels series) have a singing android (Janice Em?)? I believe they were published in the late 80s before Plus came out.
  7. Not entirely true. It certainly did not garner a Macross like fandom but Mospeada did have a small, albeit quite vocal group of hardcore fans who staged a large write in campaign to bring it back. Through their efforts, a special release for the home video market appeared in September 1985, the music video OAV, Genesis Climber Mospeada: Love, Live, Alive. From that perspective Mospeada was kinda akin to Firefly -- both were deemed commercial failures but generated an intensely loyal fanbase. Therefore I can see how Robotech might seem quite attractive to mospeada fans considering its story was mostly unchanged and is the major source of impetus for pushing the franchise forward. Consider Shadow Chronicles for example -- except for the merely token references to Macross, Mospeada (by and large) is the actual bedrock for the narrative.
  8. Yep, that definitely does look awesome! Especially the fighter mode.
  9. It would be interesting to learn which "part" of Robotech Japanese fans (if any) could possible be more partial to. It couldn't possibly be the "Macross Saga" since it's overarching plot, narrative and character arcs have a well-established continuity and plenty of sequels/prequels. Southern Cross was a complete bomb. That leaves Mospeada which developed quite a following in Japan but was bereft of any sequels. Perhaps some Japanese are fond of Robotech because they characferize it as a form of Mospeada continuity Suffice it so say, Yui's penchant for Robotech does intrigue me, especially since being in her 40s she would have been in her early twenties when Robotech was released -- that seems a tad too old for one to develop such a deep abiding attachment. I just wish she was able to explain her stance more coherently. In Japan? If she had been a kid when Robotech was released her love might be explained by her associating with the kids of American serviceman who were fans, but according to her profile she would have been in her twenties so that argument seems kinda moot.
  10. Wait... Yui is Japanese? AND She likes Robotech?! How did that happen?
  11. For the life of me I can't fathom why Yune and co can't simply co-opt Astroplan 9 as the basis of a Robotech reboot. It's a wonder that the Chinese wre able to create a relatively more successful ripoff of the Macross brand than the ones who actually hold the international trademark (barring Japan). With the influx of reboots of old 80s cartoons, namely Thundercats, Voltron, Transformers etc. this would have been a perfect time to revitalize the franchise.
  12. I don't know why but I still prefer the 1/48 representations of the VF-1 by Yamato over the 1/60 v2.0 despite the latter being heralded as being "more" anime accurate.
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