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  1. HI all, Ahhh, ok... I was actually under the notion the HG only had rights in the USA... Thanx... ! Thanx all, Merry Christmas... Air-eek...
  2. HI all, Just thought of this last nite actually, right after I went DOH!!! Why not asked before!!! Are ANY books released in an English language, not in America, but the UK or some other European country???? Thanx all, Merry Christmas.. E. J.
  3. HI all, Anyone bought the disc's on ebay right now??
  4. HI all, MY old name is e_jacob77.. The first Macross I ever watched was M+ actually... I had heard of Robotech and Macross being 35 next Feb, never actually watched either back then, never even had an interest really.. I was about 18-19 one of those, and I was in a Movie selling store, saw they were selling some VHS copies.. I looked at the cover for M+, remembered they were transforming Airplanes and decided to buy it, check it out.. LUVVVVED IT!!! Still though today, I can't sit through the scenes of any of the animes after the first time viewing, rewatching the concert parts.... **Flame suit on, (hope it's thick enough)** After finding this site after watching M+, I started collecting other Macross animes... I feel the need to be honest here, I actually don't care for the story of Hikaru.. Not even the VF-1's do I have an interest in... Still have yet to see M7 though I am thinking of buying the stories on ebay.... It's funny though, the very first Macross story, having watched first how their worlds tech had evolved into the M+ valks n such, and going back I found the whole idea to be less interesting. I can tell you this, I do like DYRL.... And until Frontier came out, M+ was my fav. And even with the flame suit on, I actually will say this outloud, I am actually looking forward to M7, the overall story and a species that can rob energy from a person sounds intriguing, so I am hoping for a good show actually. Course, I would suppose that is how all Macross purisits are. Even when watching a show from yesteryear they hope the mythos n such will still be there, like the first anime that hooked em.... That is why I have to watch M7.. Read countless times how most people don't care for it, and the very few who do.. That doesn't faze me atall... It was made, it is in the timeline, it is therefore, a must watch. **With the flame suit still on** Macross 2, I like it, and I don't like it.. No different then even other films, wether live action or animated..... Thanx all...
  5. HI all, Actually been looking at the Mac 7 discs on ebay right now... This where you got yours? If not, where, please?
  6. October 20th in Japan.

  7. HI all, SORRY this took so long to get back to ya, been kinda busy... Here are 2 pix I hope were worthy of waiting?
  8. WHEN is Frontier MOVIE 2 coming to DVD????????

  9. HI all, First to send me 5$ plus shipping will recieve a brand new sticker sheet from Jasmine model for the VF-25 series of valks......... PM for details....
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