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  1. Awesome stuff as usual guys:

    505: The best yet from you, its nice seeing your collection grow on here.

    HWK: another awesome build. Hey, do you have a finished photo of that M60 you started a few years ago?

    Electric: That jehuty is coming along nice.

    Greyrider: love the plans... we need more photos!

    Cain: nothing small about a 1/72 F-14.

    Good stuff guys.

  2. I never said this or even implied it.

    Oh yes you did. You're claiming that because humanity is faced by an existential threat, restraining oneself and not using the extremest of methods is completely unrealistic in their situation. You also stated that the producers simply added this view in order to make the show deep. So you are clearly implying that people should think in the Zero-sum, employ all methods in order to win, otherwise its not a credible view of people in that situation.

    You make it sound like there is a third option.

    Concerning the food situation or the use of Eren. You're not clear.

    In addition said quarter million went willingly thinking they could defeat the titans.

    Yeah, that's just not supported by anything in the show. I'm sure that the 250,000 people without maneuver gear, horses or the barest of military training really thought they had a chance. Hell, if that worked, why didn't they send vast armies out earlier to retake the land. If anything it seems that these people were coerced by the government to undertake the attack.

    And this has to do with what I said because....

    I don't know, you're the one who started this tangent up in the first place... I'm just responding to show how shallow a line of reasoning it was.

    And most of them were crushed by Annie when they told him not to transform.

    This is a massive contradiction given your first statement. First you claim that you never stated that people must conform to a single view when faced with an existential threat, then you just go and state that the people who thought of an alternate plan just died and were wrong.

    Having reticence towards a method of war does not mean you can't condone its use. I can tell you that from personal experience. Certainly in any such situation you have people who don't think about the consequences and willingly use all methods possible. Then there are others who do constantly doubt and reconsider various tactics and strategies we employ. Its always a range.

    What Armin is stating isn't at all different from what I've seen or heard. You going on about how ridiculous it is, frankly shows your lack familiarity in this area.

    For scientific purposes in all likelyhood.

    Its still an alternate approach to using him as an uncontrollable weapon.

  3. Having very powerful predators stalking you all the time to the point of being driven close to extinction is not "every problem".

    So because there is a an existential threat, everybody must think exactly the same as you? That's a ridiculous position. Already you see very clear divisions within the government between various factions including the survey corps, Wallists (the religious zealots) and the central elite. Having people suggest that they might not feel comfortable using Eren to fight the titans is by no means a stretch. It was pretty evident that people would rather use Eren as a research subject in order to discover alternate ways to defeat the Titans.

    And what happens afterwards? Do you justify everything according to the good of the people? Its pretty evident much of the populace does not trust the ruling elites. They already have used extreme methods to pursue other goals not directly related to combating the Titans. Potential Famine? Send 250,000 people to their deaths. That is despite the ruling elite and members of the interior walls continue to live in relative affluence. Many of their decisions are not predicated on the survival of humanity but the survival of their current system of inequality.

    Armin and his cohort don't feel comfortable in the direction.... I would be too if I just watched a city get razed and several thousand of its inhabitants get killed in order to "capture" a threat. Frankly, it would be completely unrealistic for a character NOT to question tactics in that situation: you'd be a psychopath otherwise.

    You'd have a point with this if Eren wasn't so content with it as long as he keeps his hellbent intention on eliminating titans.

    So one individual does believe the ends justify the means. Does that automatically mean everybody has to agree with him? Certainly many of his colleagues don't feel comfortable with his view... even the ruling elites constantly seem on the verge of dissecting him in order to discover his powers.

    That is until the next generation when paradigms shift, much like throughout history. This also is not counting the fact that organisms (not just humans) try to adapt to survive to keep themselves alive.

    Or they don't shift, or learn the wrong lessons, justifying continued bad behavior because it was effective and/or expedient. That's happened quite a bit as well.

  4. You don't unless they turn on you first. Titans are not like humans where peaceful negotiations are possible, they're predators,they do nothing but eat humans, it is about survival. It isn't like with Zeon where they want independence, it isn't like OZ where there are simply a bunch of dicks in power oppressing people, it isn't like the Vajra defending their territory, it isn't like the angels from Evangelion going "get off our f**king planet, lilin!", it isn't like Devil Gundam simply trying to save the environment, it isn't like the ELS who just want a place to call home, it isn't even like the Anti-Spirals trying to prevent the end of the universe; the titans simply eat humans, and only humans, until they cease to function. You defeat them you win, don't and you'll go extinct. At least the zentradi and protodeviln could be convinced with culture shock and the power of rock (respectively).

    And yet you still don't get it. Not everybody think in such simplistic/linear manner as yourself. Winning by any means necessary may well lead to a pyrrhic victory. Taken to its ultimate ends, your view would justify every extreme measure in order to win. And that may include abandoning the very essence that makes you human. All freedoms could be curtailed in order to meet the ultimate ends of victory. That means more "expeditions" like the one subsequent to the fall of Wall Maria, that led to 250,000 people slaughtered.

    That's all fine and dandy if you're the one making those orders, but I'm pretty sure that the people who are sacrificed might not see it the same way you do. Certainly individuals like Armin, who have seen and experienced the ugly side of Humanity's effort to win at all costs, might have severe reservations about this method. I certainly would and I wouldn't just mindlessly follow what the leadership (one shown to be corrupt and self serving) says is for the best of humanity. For armin, that also means using his friend as a mindless merciless weapon. Yeah, I'd be totally down with that.

    And after you win, what does that mean? Do you use extreme methods to crack down on every problem? Its not a clear cut answer, no matter how you try to portray it.

  5. Too bad the F-15 never got updated to the "Eagle-Plus" from Patlabor 2:



    LOVE IT. That movie's mechanical design has always inspired me. I can't help but think of it whenever I construct a JASDF aircraft.... which is why I snapped up the hell hound when it came out. Maybe I'll try something like this some day.

  6. Thank you.... to answer your question its 1/72... I've got a scale addiction, so its that and only that.

    Mine's the ESCI kit, which is very similar to the Italeri one, but with a different set of advantages and disadvantages. I've heard great things about your version, so I'm sure you'll have a great time with. I'd suggest you look into a nice set of resin engines like I did which are a problem with both kits.

  7. Not a fan of the design, but I AM a fan of your work Dobber. Awesome!

    I guess its update time. So I'm now on CF-18 #3 and #4. For your sanity (Since mine is long gone at this point) I'll only post one photo. This one has all the modifications I planned to make: full intake trunking, both leading and trailing edge flaps deployed, (with metal covers) and scratchbuilt cockpit.


    Some cooler things. I'm building a Korean War C-47 (I don't think I posted this before... apologies if I have):



    I hand painted the number and plane name by hand.


    I've actually got its landing gear and cowlings on. I just need to attach the props and external details like wiring and the like. Oh and some metal framing on the canopy.

    I'm also building two A6M2 Zeros; the Fine Molds and Tamiya boxings. Basically, these are two of the best models in 72 made... ever. The amount of detail is astounding and they go together fantastically.



    I'll have better photos later. That's all for now.

  8. Ok thats worth a try. It sounds like don't understand my thinners very well.

    I was thinking that mineral spirits would eat through future.. and acrylics, and anything, because they are a 'strong solvent' (in my mind anyhow)


    - So spray on future. Let dry, Then mix artist oils (from tube) and thinner to runny consistency for a wash, let dry, and rub off with mineral spirits?



    Do you add any detergent to your wash? (i have heard of this)


    I'm pretty sure I understand your thinners well. White Mineral spirits should not eat through acrylics. I've got about 80 or so models to prove that. It can be a problem when you paint an enamel base coat and your future coverage is not sufficient... White mineral spirits will eat through that.

    I usually thin the artist' paint with spirits and then apply it... it should be very liquidy. Sometimes I make it very thick... it all depends on the effect. If I just want panel lining thin is best. If I want a grimy dirty aircraft, I might use a thicker paint and leave more on.

    Then I wait a few hours (even several days) before removing the excess with a paper towel or something. Sometimes I don't use anymore spirits unless some have dried on and won't come off with some rubbing. Then again I might not want to remove much... This is a CF-18 I recently built:


    You can see how I used smuged oil wash to help make streaks on the wing (along with another product, but its not necessary to achieve this effect.) Its also apparent below the vertical stabilizers... like in real life.


    This shows just how grimy it can get:


    Really what you do should vary based on what you want to accomplish. I'd suggest you look around for photos of an aircraft similar to what you want... then try to replicate the effects as best you can. You can always ask more questions too.

    I hope that helps.

  9. Ok So this is reviving a dead horse.. But I am experimenting..

    - I have airbrushed a kit with Tamiya Acrylics.

    - I then Applied Future for gloss coat..

    - Then a wash (Citadel Nuln Oil Shade),

    Unfortunately when I went to remove the wash i used rubbing alcohol and it ate through the future and the underlying acrylic got wiped away too. So, Now i am thinking I need to use a Lacquer clear coat instead of future.. I don't know exactly what i want to do there though. I dont run lacquers through my airbrush.. because the are a major pain to clean out.

    Any recommendations?

    I'm concerned a spray lacquer clear will go on too thick/orangepeel

    I think you just need to change your wash. I use acrylics like you: Gunze or Tamiya with future over top. However unlike you I use artists oil paints ( an enamel cleaned up by mineral spirits) as my wash.


    The mineral spirits do not react with the future or the paint... which makes it really easy to wipe off or thin if there is too much on the surface. The best part is that it is cheap; two paints and a small bottle of thinner costs about 10~15 dollars and you will never have to buy anymore, ever.

  10. warm water is the KEY to any decal application. It allows the decal to stretch and conform a bit more. Theres some youtube tutorials about using warm water and sometimes HOT water on a cloth to really get decals to go.

    Absolutely. Hasegawa decals are definitely ones that require hot water.

    Between the Skyray, Batmobile and Viper looks like everyone is putting out some impressive builds. And yes the nose decals for the Viper are worthless, mask it off and paint it, it will look so much better that way. B))

    Hey Now, Noyhauser that is one fine model. It was recently on my list of "to get" but was superceded by the Minicraft Martin Mariner that came out. I'm still saving up for that one.

    The tumbler and viper also look great gents, and while i'm not a big fan of the design I think the 'new' batmobile has that realism missing from the previous fun versions.


    Thank you guys... its a bit of an older kit of mine. I have to be honest HWR, I really love the Skyray.... its really a wonderful kit, one of the best I've had the pleasure to build. Its one that you should have in the back of the stash when you get burnt out. The cockpit looks better than most resin kits. Its fairly inexpensive too, if you can get it from Japan. Then again the Martin Mariner is pretty awesome.

  11. Awesome Batmobile HWR... the weathering and finish are fantastic, as usual. And derex, don't get discouraged: bad decals happen! A few years ago I built a Tamiya 1/72 Skyray, one of the nicest kits you can get in the scale. Well... the decals blew apart on me and that required quite a bit of work and lots of patience to fix. I got it mostly right (just ignore the yellow area behind the intake... thank you!)


  12. OK...A-7 Corsair II paint question...

    After looking on-line at hundreds of pictures, I can't tell if the inside of the air intake is supposed to be Insignia White after the first 6-8 inches, or is it painted Forest Green/Dark Gunship Grey on the subdued ANG birds?

    All of the pics of the front views on navy planes, and the Vietnam-era green/brown/white planes all are in Insignia White, or there's the intake close-out when on the ground, but I can't find a good front color view of the scoop that's not in shadow. I've even gone to the 120th TFW website and can't find anything other than "Mile-High Militia" covers in the intakes.


    I suspect its insignia white... they usually are. It is for F-16s of this vintage, and almost every other fighter. There are always exceptions, but I'd say you'd be safe with white.

  13. Also, to everyone who has one of these kits sitting in their closet- COME ON PEOPLE!!! GET WITH THE BUILDS!!!!

    If Jefuemon can build, you can too!

    (sorry, looking for just Martin Yan's catch phrase, can't seem to find it)

    I'd like to but there are some complications. I'm really worried about sagging as I have the second gen boxing with the brass piping (which apparently was further reinforced later.) I also don't know if I'll use the totally awesome deck piping or build an hexagonal tunnel that hikaru's valk emerges out of near the end of DYRL (it too uses the launch arm.)

    In all honesty I have a dozen things on the go that I can't see myself building it for quite some time.

  14. Does anyone have a set to sell, or could point me in the direction of...

    a set of decals to make a 1:72 subdued Air National Guard A-7 "SLUFF" from the mid-late 80's? I bought the Navy version on the cheap and want to paint it OD for a tree-top/canyon wall diorama, like I remember them screaming through Ute Pass in Colorado.


    The set you're looking for is the Airdoc 1/72 A-7D sheet with a 120th TFS Colorado ANG bird from 1990. Image courtesy of ARC.



    There is also an earlier Colorado ANG SEA scheme on the sheet. Unfortunately I don't have one but you can find them online:


    Hope that helps.

  15. I really like the 2nd zero kit a lot... which brand is that? Hobby Boss? Eduard?

    The Fine Molds limited edition... only sold in two parts as separate editions Model Graphix magazine. I personally believe that its one of the most detailed and best engineered 72nd kits ever made. Its got dropped flaps, very very fine raised panels, phenomenal engine detail, ect. While you can't get that one, you can buy the Tamiya kit which has nicer cockpit detail, but no dropped flaps (and significantly cheaper to boot.)

  16. Dobber, mickyG Derex: thank you very much... Its much appreciated as I really love your guys' works on here too.

    That F-18 looks great! The weathering and "sludge" came out realistic. Are the Canadian rides really as unwashed as the U.S. Marine's rides? ^_^ -MT

    Thanks. Yes, and it used to be worse... alot worse. Marine aircraft's weathering is the wear and tear from the sea and other environments. There generally aren't too many oil leaks and the like. We just didn't clean ours in the 1980s, especially when they were flying in our bases in West Germany. Oil stains and soot were common. Look at the top of the tail you can see where they cleaned off some grime to show the tail insignia. That's how dirty this aircraft is:



  17. So I've been a bit busy....

    Working on what are the two best 72nd kits ever produced (of the same aircraft no less):





    And this CF-18 which is part of the set I'm working on (Hasegawa 72nd)... all it needs is the landing light completed:



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