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  1. get yourself a small precision pair of wire cutters. they're a total life saver for pruning model parts off a sprue... :)

    Um, the wave vinyl material is well known to be extremely hard... much harder than normal styrene. I'm sure that Jefumon and BigF are familar with how to cut parts off of sprue. ;)

  2. I don't know... probably S.

    So I'm actually in Japan right now, and I went to my LHS. Funny, they had three of the old Wave vinyls; the VF-17, VF-19 kai and a VF-19S... for 3600. I REALLY wanted the -19S but its a huge kit to carry back

    I bought some old 72 kits;

    Hasegawa CF-104 = 1000 yen

    Hasegawa SBD Dauntless = 1200 yen

    Fujimi Ki-43 = 1000

    I'll probably get some other ones later.

  3. Coming next month, to a workbench near me!

    Take one of these

    add 2 of these

    and half of one of these

    yeah, I know it's a bit early to be crowing about this, but I've been waiting to do this build for a couple of years now.

    No, you should be crowing about it loud and clear.... that's an awesome idea. I missed out on that kit and I'm kicking myself because I think that's one of the best model schemes I've ever seen. What' you're doing also makes a lot of sense. The biggest issue with the launch arm is its rigidity... cutting half of it off would avoid its biggest issue (I have one unbuilt as well). Also the scene is pretty awesome as well.

    I've got three similar long-delayed projects... all battroids: A 1/72 VF-11 Full armor, the Wave 1/72 Vinyl VF-17 and a 1/72 YF-21 conversion kit. I should get on some of them.

  4. I think that would be an easy ktibash with minmal scratchbuilding for any scale.

    There were some awesomeand RARE builds on there too. Who's Catseye was that in the background? - MT

    I considered it a few years back. Its a pretty easy scratchbuild; the most apparent pieces are the wings and the nacelle tips. There might be some required underneath the fuselage, but there is no photos for that. I'd still like to try it.

  5. There are different ways. I'm more of a minimalist, but then again I use Iwatas which are pretty well made.

    A lot of people will fully disassemble their ABs, and clean parts individually after every usage. I don't think that's necessary; maybe once every few months usually suffices. I use lacquer paint thinner, which is one of the strongest general thinners available.... it blows apart any remaining acrylic residue.

    I fill the cup up, spray a bit out, then put my finger over the end of the nozzle, to backflush as you do. I repeat that spray and backflush process a few times, until the cup is empty. I then rinse out the cup with a bit more thinner and a paper towel... and remove the needle as well. I let it dry out of the gun, and reassemble it when I want to use it next.

  6. That would be the A-7 Corsair II & F-8 Crusader ;)

    Is that a Hasegawa VF-1 Fighter kit & Battroid kit combined? Looking good so far. I've been thinking about bashing those two kits together to make a Gerwalk. I assume is not a simple addition or switching of parts?

    People have done it in the past...Berttt made one and someone did a Minmay guard I can't seem to find. it does require some fabrication of parts, but it did not seem to be an overly complex modification.

  7. Thanks guys

    The Crusader is a nice rocket. I hope the yellow strips around the canopy windows were provided as decals.

    About 70% of them. They didn't go on right so I had to do some hand painting. I actually really like doing that sort of stuff, especially for special lettering.

  8. WM, how about putting a "creative" decal over the seam. Maybe paint some blank decal paper the same color and apply it - I won't tell ;)

    Nice work Noyhauser! Those came out great! I love the Crusader too. I'm glad the A-7 kept the "family" alive longer. Any rockets going into the Scorprion?

    Thanks MT. Yes, there are... the "big" ones. Two Genies and some falcons. I would actually like to build it with all falcons, but it doesn't come with the right pylons.... unfortunately.

  9. Thanks guys! The hornets will look better with weapons and (possibly) RBF tags... as well as a better photo... that was really an quick interim picture. 505airborne: I love the crusader too, because it is the last gunfighter. I have half a mind to try to backdate the last Academy kit I have in my stash to a early F8U in a Natural Metal Finish.

    I've also got an ASAT launchin' F-15 diorama I'm building... but only basic photos at this point.


    Those Hornet's look great! On another note...I need help guys.....I've been trying and trying to get my clear Enterprise D "lightblocked"enough to not see light through any of the hull sections. Obviously I can ONLY paint on the outside of the hull...so here's what I have done so far--doing light coats as to not to obscure any surface detail.

    1. Model Master Flat Black enamel first--airbrushed on..That did squat.

    2. Coat after coat of grey rattlecan good quality primer--This helps but still NOT good enough.

    3. 2 coats of the actual hull color on top of ALL the rest of this..Model Master Light Ghost Grey enamel--airbrushed on--STILL not quite good enough..

    Now the guy who's build I'm following--"Trekworks" on Youtube claimed he "just used 2 coats of black and then his base coat"..yeeeeeeeehhhhhhh.......ok dude..

    ANY IDEAS???

    I can post pics later tonight to try to get my point across...

    Try a metallic paint layer. It doesn't have to be a nice high quality one either like alclad. I have a very old bottle of Tamiya metallic acrylic which I would never use in a regular role (I find the paint particulates too coarse going down). However I apply it often over top of a clear canopy after a base layer to simulate the inside paint. Then I paint over it with a second primer, and the actual colour. Its a pretty solid colour if you do it right.

  10. >Exo<, Jefumon and WM...Awesome looking builds guys. ITs great to see you back WM... Think we can get something else out of you after? And I agree about Bandai for Battroid and Hasegawa for the fighter version. Its the best of both worlds.

    I've been a bit busy... first, this has been an ongoing project of mine which I'd urge you to check out.


    Next, some "regular" builds... everything is in 1/72.



    F-89 scorpion


    And two F/A-18Ds from Operation Iraqi Freedom.




    All I need now is some ordnance. Anybody have an extra Litening pod in 1/72 from the Hasegawa weapon set they want to spare?

  11. Thans guys! I've got about 500 hours into it. I'm still gonna add some more details. It's a gift for my father, this was his ship in Vietnam.

    Very Interesting and very well executed... a friend of mine's dad served on the Princeton as well during that time period; I built a SH-34 for him (but I haven't delivered it yet.) Its not the exact squadron... I've also since lost the door and am trying to find a replacement.


  12. Totally agree. The Viper used to battle for the sleekest and sexiest fighter of the 4th generation. Those added CFTs remind me of a Victoria's Secret hottie dressed in a refrigerator cardboard box. I'd dare to speculate about a slight manoeuvrability loss on this beautiful bird due to those extra-fuel-carrying bricks sitting over the LERXs.

    Now, going back to modelling, you're doing great on that aircraft, electric indigo !. Great skills !

    I built three early block ones (A, C Blk 30s and a C Blk 40) recently in 72 and I have to say that even the block 40 didn't seem right with LANTIRN and Heavyweight gears.... the Block 30 felt like the peak of the design.

    (sorry I can't resist)


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