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  1. Hi , Mech Tech, thank you very much!!! Your Big project is really master piece!!!! Keep going!!!! Can't wait to see the finished kit!!!! I really love it!!!!
  2. Hi ! big F, for the big piece hair, I just use polly ester putty to sculpt it! I will roughly make the shape first when I put the polly ester putty on it by a stick. (see the attached file) For the thin hair, (the parts near the ear), I use 0.5mm copper wire to hold the shape, then put the putty on it!!!
  3. Hi ! Hi !!! I am a new member comes from Hong Kong!!!! Acturally, I have posted my works here 3years ago, but I lost my login ID & password........... So, I MUST say SORRY to the web master here!!!!! Here are some of my new works.... 1) 1/15 Mospeada FUKE Bike mode ( scratch build + imai model ) completed !! 2) 1/12 Southern Cross Lana (scratch build + Arii model ) in progessing...... 3) 1/8 Lynn Minmay ( Full scratch build ) in progessing.... Hope you guys will like them!!!!!
  4. Wow..... Really a CRAZY work!!!! Attractive!!!!
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