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  1. Hi EXO, Yes I use car body repair kit putty!!! is cheao and easy to handle!!!
  2. Thank you everybody, I think I just sculpt the single figure , not diorama ....... I really love Minmay very much, Hope I can finished this figure within 2010.....I hope......
  3. Hi, everybody, longtime haven't update my works.... Here is my new scratch build project ~~~~ 1/8 Minmay in shower ~~~ I have started this project one year ago, Due to too much work .....too busy... In the Chinese New Year, I take a break to continue this figure!!! Hope I can finish it in this year .......
  4. Thank you that you like my works!! Thanks!!1
  5. Oh...sorry that reply you so late due to very busy this two weeks.... It is a limited G-kit released in Wonder Festival long time ago!! One box contains 2 lancer
  6. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! It is a g-kit !!!
  7. My another new work~~~is a re-cast kit My Goddess ~~~~ Minmay!!!
  8. My new work again!! But I can't remenber this machine in Macross animation.....
  9. Yes I received and have sent you the price of the kits. I send the e-mail to you again now!!!
  10. Yes, I have reply you alredy, you didn't got the e-mail ???
  11. Hi Kicker, those are all comission works from my clients, all the models are in my client's home......
  12. Thank you !!! Thank you!!! This plane is very intersting !!!!I love it also!!
  13. Thanks all brothers !!! Here some of my others Macross works !!!Enjoy it!! http://www.codychanworkshop.com/Commerical/main%205.htm
  14. Ah... Sorry that make you ask me again.......hope not to make you trouble!! I build this kit for my friend, so I don't know where can bought this.... sorry.... And the small Alien was including in this kit. This VF 2SS g-kits contains 3 small aliens!!!
  15. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Yes it is antenna, I should paint it in black colour will be better.... Thanks !!!! Ah..... My English is not GOOD..... I don't understand your question...... SORRY........
  16. Yes, VF2SS is Really Cool~~~ and I like VF 25 very much also!!!
  17. Hi promethuem5!!! Thank you that you like my work!!!! For the watermark.... maybe is too BIG!!!! But I need to prevent the pics steal by someone......( I am not said the Macross Fan in this Forum ) Because I have this BAD experience before........
  18. Thank you!!! Brothers!!! Long time ago I have saw Macross II, but I just can finish 2 chapter, because I am not much like the story and the machine... Due to I am a Minmei SUPER FAN, she didn't in Macross II story make me very dissapointed...... By the way, many years later, I Love the VF-2SS very much!!! but still haven't see the animation agin.....maybe later!!!!
  19. My new work again, this time is Valkyrie II G-kit model!!! Enjoy it~~~
  20. Thank you!!! i use Gunzie colour no.79 + no.62 + little bid no.171
  21. Sure!!! you can contact me directly by e-mail!!! Thanks
  22. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Hope you will like my works!!!!
  23. Graet work!!! I like the metallic colour of the foot very much!!!!
  24. Hi , anime52k8, I am glad that you like my works!!! Thank you!!! The first one ( Mospeada Fuke bike mode) was recast already !!! and the other kits , I hope can recast them too!!!
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