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  1. What exactly is it that paople don't seem to understand about not posting spoiler information from the second frontier movie???

    Some of us have been trying to avoid finding out anything about the movie until we get to see it for ourselves. Its really frustrating when people keep posting about this all over the forums without spoiler tags.

    Could you please stop doing this?

  2. Well if I recall America, Canada, and Japan are both region A.

    So their shouldn't be a problem

    As long as you happen to live in Japan or North and South America sure. If you happen to live in Europe or Australia you're in Region B.

    That being said, the first movie was released as a region free Blu-ray so it might be worth waiting until it's confirmed one way or the other before settling for the DVD.

  3. any v.2 VF-1?... every release after the VF-1D except for the VT-1 and the VF-1J w/ armor parts that doesn't have the grey visor.

    Actually the first release (Dec. 2009) of the VF-1J with armor parts was old stock with a new head with the gray visor. So the visor color isn't a good indicator of a safe release or not. I'm not at all sure how one tells the difference between the Dec. 2009 and the May 2010 safe release.

  4. I went ahead and ordered one of the USB drives and it came in today.

    Of the 3 new songs i would say Suimin Heaven is the best and I also really like Candy, but I like the Chie/Kaname sample version of 2mOoN better than the new one. The bonus movie is a video for Suimin Heaven with Chie walking in a park of which I would say about 30% is just her feet as she walks but it's nicely done and she even smiles for a couple seconds before returning to the standard stoic face she has in every picture I've seen of her.

    My one complaint is that the songs are in .swf format meant to be played in the pre-installed flash program. I can get them to play in realplayer and media player classic but I want to get them into .mp3 format and I'm too technologically unsophisticated to accomplish this. If any one wants to help send me a pm.

  5. Would anybody be so kind as to translate this for me? http://blogs.dion.ne.jp/chie_sound/archives/9517514.html#more

    I get that it's a Chie USB drive but what I'm interested in is this part.



    睡眠HEAVEN / candy / 2moon



    The google translate makes it sound like there are 3 new songs preloaded on it and I was curious as to whether or not this was the case.

  6. I've been out of pc for a bit...

    Is there such a thing as a dos emulator?

    I have battletech crecent hawks inception in box with 3.5 &5 1/4 floppies. I played it on my old win 98 machine which dual booted to 2kpro and I believe it work on both. I ported it to my new laptop [via cd from the old tower], and it could not detect the 16k of memory neccessary to play :rolleyes: . Any advice?

    DOSbox is a dos emulator. You can down load it here. http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1

  7. She hasnt done any new stuff to my knowledge. Weighing her 2 solo albums from the mid 90's against the mass of Macross 7 song she has done - Im hoping for at least a 50-50 ratio (or possibly slightly weighted in favour of Mac 7 songs). I mean, between the Crossover Live and the Firebomber Reunion (damn that was a good concert! Wheres the DVD Flying Dog?!?) she has definately been getting some practice in!

    There's also the Chie & Kaname sample from 2006. It's only three more songs though.




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