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  1. Thanks for the interest. Here are pics of the rest VE-1 VF-1J Miria VF-1J Max VF-1S Strike Added VT-1 Hasegawa VE-1 Hasegawa
  2. Hey all, I have several yamato 1/60th and 1/72's up for auction on ebay (Fast Pack items added.) YF-21 Fast Pack VF-11B Fast Pack 1/60th VF-1J Super Thanks for looking.
  3. RedMax1

    Wanted list!

    Hi, I have a couple of 1/72 that I was about to put on Ebay. YF-21 and VF-11B I also have some 1/60's on ebay here I don't post much here anymore cause I can't afford the hobby, but I am on the SS list. Thanks
  4. Hi All, I have put the following up on ebay. YF-19 YF-19A Thanks for looking! Jay
  5. Thanks for the suggestion....I wish Ebay would let me edit it now
  6. Hi All..... I just wanted to give my fellow MWers a heads up that I have posted this for sale on Ebay. I am on the SS list and have excellent feed back and I am not from Florida . I will be putting up for sale some of my other rare(depends on who you talk to) items in the next day or so. Such as Yamato 1/72 YF-19 version 1 Yamato 1/72 YF-19 version 1.5 Yamato 1/72 YF-19A( the blue one) Yamato 1/72 VE-1 All are in excellent near new condition, 100% complete, and no stickers applied. PM me with a serious offer if you are interested. I can post pics in the next day or so. Thanks for looking Jay
  7. RedMax1


    I really like it. Great job!
  8. Sounds great. I can't wait to see what you've put together...... BTW, I did finally get the flaps to work in FS 2004. It was a simple change in the aircraft.cfg file. Just change the "system_type" on all the flap sections from 1 to 0 in the CFG file.
  9. Yep, that sounds about right for FS2004. I did it the other day. However, I could never get the thing to slow down after decending to about 3000ft
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