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  1. On 5/24/2020 at 11:24 AM, tekering said:

    Interesting that you guys make so many references to Robotech, but fail to acknowledge what writer James Luceno contributed to the franchise through all his Robotech novelizations -- and sequel novels -- despite the fact that he wrote "The Power Within..."  :huh:

    ...and I laughed at your confusion over Southern Cross and Robotech II: The Sentinels.  :lol:


    Incidentally, the audio clips from Galaxy Rangers were mixed at a significantly higher volume than your mics were, making your commentary hard to hear, and the dialogue clips obnoxiously loud.  You might want to watch that next time.


    As the podcast is considered by me to be entertainment first, informational second, the information we extol really shouldn't be considered gospel.  We just provide info as we remember it.  That said, I don't see where I was confused about Southern Cross and Robotech: The Sentinels, but at least you laughed.  I did kick myself because I learned more about James Luceno's work after we'd recorded.  It would've been good to give him credit for his other work.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. This next podcast breaks with the format as it's not a Galaxy Rangers episode review.  But rather, it's a candid look at the inner workings of the podcast.  Not as many jokes as usual, but I do feel cleansed.

    Click HERE to check out Series 6: Longshot, Episode Zero

  3. On 4/3/2018 at 8:57 PM, Lexomatic said:

    I encountered Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (1986) a few times in the '80s (I recall the episode in which the android is photocopied, overloads himself to stop the villain, and is then promoted to Ranger) and then forgot about it until it was mentioned in the anime track at Philcon by Brian Price (creator of the venerable "Bad anime, bad!" video presentation). I looked it up on Netflix, but their edition seemed to consist of only selected episodes. (Looking at its entry now, it seems to be complete -- season 1, four discs, 32 eps; season 2, four discs, 33 eps. The show's Wikipedia entry confirms 65 episodes.)

    Personally, I couldn't get past the audio mix, in which the constant background music obscured the dialog. I don't know if that problem was specific to the DVD edition, or was in the originally aired version. In my ongoing revisiting of '80s toons, I have been discovering that use of BGM was typically ... mmm, not subtle.

    Oddly enough, the episode you described is the one we just reviewed.  It's Episode 12, Titled "Tune Up".

    And the bad audio mix you mentioned is present in this episode.  It has the worst audio of the 12 we've gone through.  Hopefully, the remaining eps don't have similar problems. 

    And as usual, when we encounter an episode we don't like, we try to compensate by injecting more humor into the review.


    Check Out Our Review of Episode 12 Here!




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