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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. I kind of hope that the color scheme for Chuck's new valk would have been applied to Arad's.  Yellow stripe and skull in the traditional skull leader fashion; I would order it without a thought.

    Now I am holding out for both...

  2. While I don't trust Nippon Yasan anymore, as 1J Armored will be issued in Sep, the 6-month protection from PayPal may protect you.

    Rant: I was forced to use my refund on something with inflated price.  And they wouldn't even combine my refunded "coupons" (they won't give you back money, but only shop coupons - not even shop credits) that I had to place two separate orders, meaning I needed to pay extra shipping. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

    What was the last DX Macross item offered via Amazon.jp?  Don't recall if the Roy-1S made the cut....not holding out hope for this release to be made available via AJ...but crossing fingers!  Maybe the HG/BW deal made it even less likely now...;)

    Yes, VF-1S Focker was on Amazon, but you need to use a forward shipper...

  4. Hi!  It's time to break the keyboard again!  Good luck everyone

    As a side note, I used to buy from Nippon Yasan and they was okay.  Until lately, their customer service goes down to drain - just Google "Nippon Yasan review".  Buy at your own risk.

  5. On 21/3/2018 at 3:38 AM, kajnrig said:

    I've been looking around for some Klan Klang figures, and came across again the "Ichiban Kuji" prize figures. Some questions:

    - Is there like a database of all the different varieties? I'm noticing that a bunch of them are just recolors of each other.

    - What does "ichiban kuji" translate to? Is it a brand/line name? a descriptor?

    - A Plamoya-specific question: Do they refund you excess shipping cost if the actual is less than what's calculated? Do they charge you more if the opposite is true? I see some of these items having $20-40 shipping costs.

    Thanks much, all. Fortunately for me, Klan doesn't have as many figures as Ranka and Sheryl... though seems to have a whole lot of "cosplay" figures with characters from other shows donning her micronized outfit.

    I like Klan Klang too.  The most recommended one is Armored Kllan (from Megahouse) as Sanity already stated.

    The Ichiban Kuji Klan in dragonstar's pic is also nice.  It also comes with a silver paint version.

    P.S. Ichiban Kuji  is a lottery that you pay to draw.  Prizes range from figures to glasses to towels to poster, etc.

    There is also a micro Klan from Megahouse: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10077137

    and this: http://www.xl-shop.com/xlshop/pages/BANP-459456/banpresto-macross-frontier-klan-klang-snap-fit-dx-pvc-figure

    A gashapon in this set: https://eyeforthings.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/macross-frontier-action-figures-from-bandai/

    Excluding the SD figures...  I think that is it.



  6. 1 minute ago, neoexcaliber said:

    Why am I having a harder time getting a Mirage than a Messer? :blink:

    Same here...  I've got 31J and 31F and SV-262Hs with relative ease.


  7. I am pretty sure if there is a MD movie, Kawamori would make Mirage to be one of the Walkyries too. :p

    Motto: "Music is nonsense!"

    Thus far, most if not all Macross movies are a retelling of the original stories. DYRL, M+, MF... But it can be very different presentation. It may actually work to condense into fours hours, focus on the several main characters and introduce new combat scenes.

  8. I've voted neutral.

    It's just bland to me. I agree with another member on the board that it is like the episode is created following a checklist. You've got the ingredients, but you don't have the chemicals.

    And the Grace plot v2.0 is just lazy story writing. Ruling over them is sufficient; why the network part?

    Edit: And Roid looks like a male Grace to me too. The glasses, the face, the hair.

  9. And after taking those pictures they fight for days over which regult belong to which guy.

    We wrote our names in a small piece of paper, and threw into the cockpit. :)

  10. thats disappointing but does it hold together at all in fighter mode? when it "falls apart on contact" does that mean it literally can't hold a pose in battroid or what? any details would be helpful. thanks. i also kinda wonder if the "future floor polish technique" will work if its just a few loose joints.

    It holds okay in fighter mode, but it doesn't in battroid mode. The neck, the legs and the arms are all floppy. The elbow joints do not hold, and I had trouble in posing it with a gun-pointing pose because the shoulders are so loose. When I work on it often the backbone (VF-1's have that) would collapse. :(

    I am not sure if I have had a particularly bad unit, but that's what I've got.

    I hate to give such bad comments, I seldomly do, especially I can see that they are doing it as a fan of the show. But it doesn't turn out well.

    P.S. The nail polish way may or may not work. I don't have it on my hands now (at office...), but I remember I couldn't figure out how to unscrew certain parts.

  11. I've got mine. I've asked friends to considering forfeit their deposit... :wacko:

    I can see that the 3P gave many thoughts to the design, but the production is that bad. My VF-1S is a floppy mess.

    It looks okay on the shelf, but it collapses upon contact.

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