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  1. 1 hour ago, Keith said:

    I read the descriptions of that when it happened. It was not. Essentially, someone took the Jack McKinney sh!t, and mixed it with modern multiverse & snagged a bit of 7, and just....no.

    In more simpler terms, the whole fiasco started with someone going out of their way to make quite possibly the grittiest/ugliest version of Macross Saga ever attempted and ended with the cheapest imitation to a recent Macross show will ever see in comic book form.  And somewhere in the middle there was a lot of comic book logic multiverse BS with far reaching implications that in hindsight was not a good idea for the comic to resolve the way it did.

  2. 11 hours ago, Bolt said:

    Mm.. I think a few folk are burnt out ..

    Neverthe less , I'm a fan.  

    Oh yeah, I forgot that this forum got hit hard by the huge brain drain and other garbage that happened over the past few years.  Their professional relationship to the franchise through Creative Sphere may have changed significantly in recent months.

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