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  1. I keep forgetting Bandai hasn't released a DX Hikaru VF-1A yet. That seem as likely as the Max if not more so.
  2. That would still require a different mold, no? The VT-1/VE-1 have the stepped style tandem seating. Pattern thus far (for original Macross) has looked like this, barring any sneaky/exclusive re-releases: Wave 1 Hikaru VF-1J TV Missiles Max VF-1A TV Wave 2 Hikaru VF-1S Movie SSP Movie Kakizaki VF-1A Movie Wave 3 Roy VF-1S TV Super Parts TV VF-1D TV Wave 4 GBP Hikaru VF-1J w/ GBP My money would be on a Max VF-1A DYRL? as the MOST likely candidate. Particularly since they teased one when they released the original SSPs.
  3. Those f##kers! I was lucky to get what I could refunded. They still owe me a Hi-Metal R VF-4G or $107. Ah well...good riddance.
  4. My Luna Park order (VF-1J w/ armor) just arrived today.
  5. Got a shipping notice today from Okini Land. Still waiting to hear from Luna Park on my December pre-order (status still shows as "confirmed"), but I'm not worried. [Update: current DHL Express tracking status says Shipper has generated a shipment label, but the shipment has not yet been handed over to DHL This could have do with the Tamashii Web Shop exclusive nature of the item, or maybe the initial language in their email notification was misleading, but I've reached out to OL just to confirm. ]
  6. Noted and ordered...I've never been able to catch a pre-order in time to order from BiJ, but I've definitely heard of them through this community. Thanks, jenius! So...two GBP armor sets supposedly locked. Now...to wait for the VF-1J combo. That (placeholder) appears to be up at Nin-Nin.
  7. I guess...they got my money and I have an order in. I noticed the pre-order page just as yman1437 was posting about it. But I looked a second time and realized they would actually take the order, so...fingers crossed. I ordered TV Super packs in the past through Kurama and had no issue.
  8. For those of you playing "What's NeDXt?" at home (I think I have this right): Wave 1: Hikaru VF-1J | TV | DEC 2018 DX Missile Set | MAY 2019 Max VF-1A | TV | SEPT 2019 Wave 2: Hikaru VF-1S | DYRL? | NOV 2019 Super/Strike Parts | DYRL? | DEC 2019 Super/Strike Parts - Reissue | DYRL? | APR 2020 DX Missile Set - Reissue | JUN 2020 Kakizaki VF-1A | DYRL? | AUG 2020 Wave 3: Hikaru VF-1S Roy | TV | NOV 2020 Super Parts | TV | DEC 2020 Super Parts - Reissue | TV | APR 2021 VF-1D | TV | JUL 2021 GBP Armor | SEPT 2021 Hikaru VF-1J bundled with GBP Armor | SEPT 2021
  9. Again...depending on the policies of your card. Your mileage may vary. Certainly worth looking into if you haven't though.
  10. That all depends on your method of payment and the policies associated with that. I've found that most credit card companies will work with you if you paid for an item and straight up never received anything...no shipping notice, no estimated time of arrival, no merchandise. Just be prepared to explain the circumstances (pre-order + COVID = vague delay time) and provide evidence that you've been seeking resolution directly through NY (e.g. ticket exchanges, live chat exchanges, etc.)
  11. Times are tough all over. I did what I could to keep them IN business. A year + and no merchandise? Nah, man. Credit card dispute will have to be my resolution for any outstanding/unfulfilled orders.
  12. More pre-order shipping/receiving news: I received my TV super parts from Anime Expo (ordered 07/06/20) and MyKombini (ordered 07/08/20) today. Still waiting on news from a third set from Kurama Toys (ordered 07/07/20). They reached out on 12/21 to confirm my shipping address, but no word on when the item would actually ship.
  13. Okini Land has a 1 per customer limit, so I scored a VF-1D there and another through Luna Park. Fingers crossed.
  14. Same. Hoping other opportunities open up. When Kakizaki came out, things went very smoothly for me. Fingers crossed. I was on board for a VF-1D from the start, and getting a fan racer is gravy...I had stopped chasing Yamato Macross toys by the time they released their version.
  15. Could the placement of red dot on the HMMP-02 be another variance between SDFM and DYRL? After all, we don't see strike cannons in SDFM. This is an easy enough thing for me to hand-wave, personally. Perhaps the (fictional) manufacturers started early production runs differentiating the sensor/light placement as left or right, then realized the interchangeability of the store made it pointless to do so, resulting in the decision to produce all further versions with the sensor/light positioned in the same place in the name of efficiency. Ergo, you have fewer in inventory with the sensor on the lower starboard corner of the front of the HMMP-02, but they do exist.
  16. Not that I'm aware of. But it seems like free money (for Bandai) to me given the existence of the Hikaru 1S.
  17. Also highly plausible. Personally, I would welcome a third SSP release...on its own or packaged with a DYRL VF-1. The only copy I've been able to score was via a certain seller who shall not be named, and that has yet to ship. You know...they gave us a blue 013 skull in the first set. I wonder if the red 011 would be included in a bundle with Hikaru's 1A and SSP or a subsequent, slightly revised SSP stand-alone release. We may still need a blue 001 for Max's 1S (though the 1A seems much more likely in the next wave).
  18. Very well...back to speculation about what's next then? The release pattern so far has been: 2 TV VF-1s and an accessory (missiles); DEC 2018 - SEP 2019 2 movie VF-1s and and an accessory (SSPs); DEC 2019 - AUG 2020 2 TV VF-1s and an accessory (TV super parts); NOV 2020 - SUMMER 2021 Hikaru has featured in every wave. With all of that in mind, plus some teaser images we've likely all seen by now (and assuming the line continues as it has gone for the past couple of years), I'm thinking for Wave 4 (late 2021 - 2022) we'll see: DYRL 1A Hikaru GBP-1S armor (whether or not it features with a 1J re-release is a wildcard) DYRL Max 1A or possibly a 1S for variety's sake That's my perfectly rational, not-fan-boy-spazzing-out prediction. Place your bets!
  19. Nin-Nin-Game is 2 for 2. Just got my two Bandai DX Roy VF-1Ss in the mail today.
  20. Chalk it up to Christmas Miracles? I have an HMR Elintseeker that I ordered in FEB 2020 that just shipped from NY. Of course, I still have 3 other orders with no movement, also ordered in FEB-MAR of this year. Apologies for shifting this discussion to NY again though...the subject at hand is DX VF-1s.
  21. Do what you feel is right, Rick...my advice is to find somewhere else. I had 3 separate orders of DYRL SSPs. Two were canceled on their end and I was compensated with store credit (I went to my credit card to dispute the charges). The one order of SSPs they were willing to send has been sitting in a "Preparation in Progress" status since 09/11/2020 (shipping JP Ferry)…release date was 04/30/2020.
  22. No telling, but I'd steer clear of Nippon-Yasan. Not sure what your experience with them may have been in the past, but they've been dropping the ball big time for the majority of this year. More on that here:
  23. Sounds like a cookie-cutter response. They told me the same two weeks ago. But if it makes you feel any better, I just heard that my order from NNG shipped from Osaka yesterday. They seem to be moving out stock in phases.
  24. Just noted that my two Roys from Nin-Nin-Game are marked as shipped (more accurately, the FedEx shipping label has been created).
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