30th Anniversary Events

More Miscellaneous 30th Anniversary Promotions/Campaigns…

Happy Macross to you, boys and girls!

Yes, it would seem that the celebrations are in full force for the 30th Anniversary of everyone’s favourite Fortress Exceeding Time and Space.

We have all heard about the two exhibitions currently being held in Tokyo — “Macross The Design” in Shibuya and “Super Dimensional Exhibition” featuring the 1/1 scale Messiah Valkyrie.  But there are other things happening, too.  Here’s a round-up of some of the local events coming to Tokyo.

1) “Macross Gengaten” — Literally, “Macross Keyframe Exhibition”.  The “Genga” are the keyframe drawings for animation, and Macross boasts some of the most beautiful around.  Although the current “Macross The Design” event features some keyframes and in-betweens from “Flashback 2012”, this will be a full art exhibition in the Seibu Gallery over at Seibu-Ikebukuro.

2) Lotteria Special Macross Campaign

Hmm!  If you fancy chomping on a nice burger like a good little Nekki Basara, then how about everyone’s favourite cheapo not-McDonald’s Korean fast delicacy chain, Lotteria?  At participating Lotteria restaurants, for 1000 yen you can claim a meal consisting of drink, fries and a burger plus you also get a specially-produced Macross desk mat!  So hurry down while stocks last.  Though try not to rush too much, gotta watch those arteries.

3) Miss Macross 30 Contest

You have until midnight on May 6th 2012 to send in your entry video of your performance!!  Make sure you look your prettiest!

4) “Macross Super Dimension Green Day”

No, not some “American Idiots” –“Midori no hi (Green Day)” is a national holiday in Japan, part of the Golden Week string of holidays.  Right in the middle of spring, traditionally kids get together at festivals held in the communities, and this year Macross remembers the lil’ ones!  So just like those nostalgic Showa days, remember your childhood by participating in the “Yo-yo Fishing” where you have to try to fish out a specially-designed Macross Yo-yo.  Also, there is the Air Bazooka competition, with various prizes to be won, ranging from modern-yet-nostalgic Mekon cards emblazoned with your favourite Macross characters and mecha, to Wings of Goodbye posters and even top prizes like “luxury Macross goods”.  All this is happening at Spain-zaka just outside Parco 1 in hip and trendy Shibuya on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of May — though as is typical with stalls at festivals, it will be cancelled in case of rain.

It’s a busy, busy, busy Golden Week here in Macross City!