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Macrossworldcon 2012 raffle for Macross Frontier “Sayonara No Tsubasa” movie poster signed by Shoji Kawamori

This years Macrossworld Convention is setting up to be a great event. With displays, customs contest, and games, and special guest Mari Iijima, attendees should have a great time with many things to get involved with. Well, now there’s something else. Our good friends at Satelight Inc. have taken the time to show their appreciation for fans across the Pacific, and have donated large movie sized posters signed by Shoji Kawamori. Each poster is roughly 42″ x 30″, and are from Macross Frontier “Sayonara no Tsubasa”, the second of two movies from the Frontier series. For this year’s Macrossworld convention, you (yes you) will have the opportunity to win one of these beautiful posters in a raffle. Here’s how:

As of now, the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets is active. You do not need to be present at the Macrossworld con to win if you are buying tickets online, but you do need to be an actve member of Macrossworld forums to buy them. If you are not a member, but are planning on going to Macrossworldcon 2012, you may buy raffle tickets the day of the con. Tickets bought the day of the con must have the purchaser present to win, and tickets will be color coded to differentiate. Now, the cost of each ticket is $4 for tickets purchased online, and the day of the convention.

To purchase raffle tickets via Macrossworld website, send me a private message (Jasonc). In the subject write Raffle Tickets, and in the message, indicate how many tickets you want. I’ll provide the payment info, along with your raffle ticket numbers, that will have your screenname, and your real name on them and will be inserted into the drawing. Each poster will have a separate drawing, so if you don’t get one, there’s a chance for another.

Winners that bought raffle tickets online will be notified via pm message, and it will be announce the evening after the convention here. You will have three (3) days to respond and claim your prize, after which, another winner will be drawn. There will be no postage to pay for the winner. Winners who bought the at the convention, will be mentioned on Macrossworld as well.
Again, these prizes are brought to you by Satelight Inc. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Kawamori and his staff for providing these donations. Kawamori, I’m sure, is a very busy man, and for him to provide these for the fans of Macrossworld, it is an honor and a priviledge. From all of us here at Macrossworld, we honor and thank you for the donation, and for 30 wonderful years of Macross.

One of two posters to be won in the upcoming raffle

The second poster to be won in the upcoming raffle

Closeup of the signature in the second poster.

Closeup of the signature in the second poster.

This poster will not be in the drawing.