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MACROSS 30 – New Trailer & Gameplay Details

Announced back in September at Tokyo game Show 2012, Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy is seemingly the dream-team game on HD consoles that Macross fans have been waiting for. Featuring characters from all Macross series to date, as well as new ones, and a new Valkyrie designed by Shoji Kawamori himself, each new screenshot of the game looks better and better.

But what is the game actually about? And how is it that so many characters – both dead and alive – are going to make an appearance?

Here’s a roundup of what we know so far, along with screenshots…

Character relationships


It is the year 2060. One year has passed since the Frontier immigration fleet’s battle with the Vajura and the galaxy has entered a period of peace.

Leon Sakaki of the Sepheela branch of the SMS, arrives at the remote planet of Uroboros as part of a mission but is forced to crash-land after an encounter with an unidentified craft that appears out of the blue.

He is rescued by the head of SMS’s Uroboros Branch, Aisha Blanchett, but is unable to return to his ship due to the occurrence of an anomaly known as the Uroboros Aurora.

Assigned to work together until Leon is able to get off the planet, the pair are ordered to investigate some underground ruins. It is here that they first meet a mysterious sleeping girl.

This is the story of the events that transpire when she awakes.

Leon, together with legendary divas and pilots of the past who have gathered, must fight not only for Uroboros, but to protect the galaxy itself.

New Characters

Leon SakakiVA: Miyu Irino
Main character of Macross 30. A burningly passionate pilot of exceptional skill who has a strong sense of justice. The story starts when, on orders, he arrives at the planet of Uroboros.

Aisha BlanchettVA: Marina Inoue
The first heroine of Macross 30, she is also Zentradi. A genius prodigy who become head of SMS Uroboros Branch at a very young age, she has a bright personality and is overwhelmingly positive. Is primarily involved in the study of ruins that have been found on Uroboros.

Mina ForteVA: Haruka Chigusa
The second heroine of Macross 30. A mysterious sleeping girl with amnesia who is the key to the story, which progresses as she starts to get her memory back

Rod BaltmarVA: Mamoru Miyano
Our heroes rival. A N.U.N.S pilot assigned to the special forces unit ‘Havamal’. Has known Leon since childhood, but became estranged from him after a certain incident in their past.

Ushio TodoVA: Joji Nakada
Commanding officer of the N.U.N.S special forces unit ‘Havamal.’ It seems as though he is conducting some independent investigations into the ruins…


■Main Quest – Pre-mission briefing/conversation
・This is the beginning of a main quest mission. Mission objectives are outlines, Conversations are fully voiced.

・Confirm quest objectives, launch quest, save & load game saves, etc.

・Mecha can be selected and upgraded. Characters can also be selected. New Valkyries can be researched using the ‘Mechanic Room’. Players will start off with the VF-0 but can research and upgrade their own preferred valks as the game progresses.

・Players can travel to various areas in search of adventure.
・Progress Main Quests or search for items.
・Field Quests and Dungeon Quests.
・Defeat smaller enemies to level up and obtain materials for new parts.
・Visit towns to buy items, accept sub-quests and participate in races.

・Proceed to the mission marker on the map to initiate combat against multiple enemies, bosses, etc.

■Main Quest Debriefing/conversation.
・When a quest is completed, the player returns to their ship to be debriefed/see the next conversation (fully-voiced). After this they may be rewarded with new allies, etc (ie, as part of the plot progression).

As the story progresses, the player will rewarded with all-new animated sequences as well as detailed still shots.

■Immerse yourself in the world of Uroboros with sub-quests and races.
In-between story missions, players can visit towns at various points on the map to accept a guild sub-quest or participate in a Valkyrie ‘vanquish race’.
Clearing sub-quests and winning races awards players with various items.

■High-Speed Scrolling Stages in Story Missions!
Story Missions will include new High-Speed Scrolling Mission. Enemies will attack from both front and behind and must be battled as the stage automatically scrolls forward, creating a new type of exhilarating mission.


The YF-30 Chronos!

Release Date: February 28, 2013

Platform: Playstation 3 (region free)

Genre: ‘Flight Action RPG’

New Songs

Name: ‘Planet Cradle’ (Theme Song)

Performed by: Haruka Chigusa (winner of the ‘Singer Wing’ segment Of the Miss Macross 30 Contest.

Composed by: kz

Name: Wandering

Performed by: Haruka Chigusa


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