Music staff interviews


Once again fellow Macross fans, James Wong and Vanpang managed to catch up with May’n san, during AFA 2012 on 9th November 2012 at The Changi Village Hotel, Singapore.

The interview was conducted together with other media representatives from Hexishe, Ani-Culture,Teenage, Anime Shrine and Seiyunews (Japanese Media).

Due to the constraint of time and her busy schedule,all Media present there were given a limited number of questions to be put forward to her.

All her answers were conveyed to the Media in English through a translator and as such some content maybe lost in translation….

[EXO: Man we really need some Megumi fanatics on these boards… ^_^ ]

Media : WEIBO, which is a well known social networking site in China, which has been a hot topic, and has attracted fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia,and other countries in South East Asia to join the club. Would May’n san be personally interacting more with fans by reading their comments and leaving them messages?
May’n : I’m at the moment still learning Mandarin and English, but I will sometimes leave some messages for my fans.

Media : Is there a chance for you to set up a worldwide fan club in the future?
May’n : By setting up one, I can attract lots of fans and I would be really happy and excited.. Hopefully one day I can set up one in the future.

Media : While on your R.Y.B. world tour, do you make it a mission to have a food trail in any of the local delicacies in the countries that you’ve visited? What food that you have had, would you recommed to your fans?
(Note : R.Y,B, stands for Rock Your Beats, which is the name of the world tour that ended on it’s run on 20th October 2012)
May’n : During the tour, I’ve been to many countries that I’ve never been before and as for the food, I liked them all. If you’re in Taiwan, I would recommend ‘Shiao Loong Bao’
(Shiao Loong Bao – Little Dragon Dumpling)
May’n : Ooops! Sorry! I talked about Taiwan, where I joined the event! I meant ‘Shiao Loong Bao’ from China!
(Everyone in the room laughed)

Media : How has performing overseas changed you musically and personally?
May’n : My first overseas life performance was in Singapore,five years ago during AFA 2008 and was really amazed to know how close I felt with the audience under one sky, when before this Singapore seem really far away. But by performing, I felt everyone was really close.And as I toured around U.S. and Europe and Asia, everyone becomes so close to me and theres a feeling of unity. That feeling I try to combine into my songs.

Media : Do you have any pre concert routines?
May’n : Every time before I perform, I would get my microphone in advance and kinda hold it so that I am comfortable with it and it becomes a part of me.

Japanese Media : In your song ‘WE ARE’, is the lyrics for your fans?
May’n : Yes, Itry to be there for each of the fans after listening to their worries and stories overtime but through music, I can be close and be there for them. That’s what I would like to be.
(Note : ‘WE ARE’ is one of the tracks from her 2012 album ‘HEAT of the Moment’)

Media : If there any anime that you are currently watching?
May’n : BTOOOM! Which I watch every week.
(Note : May’n performed the Ending theme song (Ao Sora) for this series.)

Media : Looking back at your Rock Your Beats concert tour, perhaps you could share some of your experience and fond memories?
May’n : When I perform ‘Chase The World’ for the first time for the R.Y.B. tour, every country that I went, everyone knew the song and sang along with me and that was an amazing experience for me and this time in Singapore, I will perform it too and can’t wait to do it for my Singapore fans.
(Note : ‘Chase The World’ is the Opening theme song for the anime ‘ACCEL WORLD’)

Media : Many of your US fans has commented that your command of English has vastly improved since they last saw you.
May’n : Waah! Ganbaremasu! (I will certainly put more effort!)
(Everyone in the room laughed)

Media : You’ve mentioned before In an interview, that there are something that make you feel sad. So, we’re wondering what would actually make you feel sad?
May’n : Sometimes, when I’m doing a Live concert, I have difficulty maintaining my stamina and it’s hard to face the fans. But thinking of the fans and looking forward to meeting them gives me the energy to move forward and I don’t feel sad anymore.

Japanese Media : Since you have been in Singapore so many times, could you recommend a place or restaurant and what food?
May’n : I liked Chicken rice but my favourite is Prata bread, which comes in many kinds of flavour. Banana Prata would be my choice.

Japanese Media : What’s a Banana Prata?
May’n : It comes with Indian Curry, the bread is like Naan but more flakey and it has banana inside and sweet. You can find it on Sentosa island.I’ve been there once and I would like to visit it again.

With that, we have ran out of time and the interview with May’n san concludes. Everyone thanked May’n san for the opportunity and a photo sessions began. May’n san will be performing on stage on the 11th November (Sunday) night.

Special Thanks goes to Lim Wee Ling, Stephanie Seah, Michelle Tong of Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd and Shawn Chin of Anime Festival Asia for arranging and assistance for the interview.