30th Anniversary Collectors Movies and TV Series


OK, now THIS is insane.

As we know, Bandai Visual are including a bucketload of reproduction posters with the Macross: Do You Remember Love Blu-ray Limited Edition box, amongst a ton of other stuff. However, there are some ultra-rare things that they are still trying to hunt down — AND THEY’VE CALLED UPON THE FANS FOR HELP.

So, like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, they’re asking YOU to get in contact if you have any of the following:

Skylark Restaurants “Do you Remember the Taste?” promotional posters
DYRL promotional poster for trains
Posters included with My Anime 1984 August and October issues
Animage October and December 84 issue promotional train posters (Holy crap, they advertised Animage on the TRAINS — who says anime is becoming more mainstream now??)
DYRL Postcard book (Hey, I have that one!)

…Or any other rarity that you feel has some value and perhaps they missed — SEND IT IN! Ban-Visi will scan it and put it in the box. If your contribution gets used, you shall have it returned, possibly in a less pristine, more damaged version than before, but they will also reward you with a free copy of the DYRL Ultimate Blu-ray Megabox… which, you obviously were going to buy anyway.

You have to give them credit for their commitment to the cause… It seems like they want to track down absolutely EVERYTHING EVER, almost as if laying down the gauntlet that this is most certainly the last ever absolute ultimate home video version of this movie.

You have until 15th May 2012 to part with your goodies.


PS –This is only applicable within Japan, yada yada…

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