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Glow In The Dark Paint Question (Clear/Transparent)

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Hi. Just wondering if anyone here already used a Glow In The Dark paints to their model kits and other stuff? Can you tell me if there's something clear or transparent glow in the dark paint available and what brand and where I can buy it?

I'm thinking of a small project that somehow require to use a Glow In The Dark paint rather than me busting out the figure to put LED lights into it. Esp if the figure wears plastic/rubbery clothes. The plastic garment already have a yellow color which I would still like to use as its base color. So what I'm thinking is to light up that section (yellow part of the garment) a little when placed in a dark room.

I'm also looking for glow in the dark paint that comes in 'clear blue'. So basically, what I'm looking for is something that I could just paint it on top of the said color part of the figure.

Anyways, hope you can point me to the right direction. Thanks so much. ;)

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I buy from "Glow in the Dark" the pigment that I mix in "2 Ton Epoxy" which is crystal clear epoxy.
I have used their Ultra Green V10 and their Ultra Blue powder and I am pretty happy with these.
The Ultra Green V10 tends to glow bright for 10mins, then very dim and dimmer over the whole night. The Ultra Blue dims quicker and extinct after 5-6 hours.
When I mean "dim", it means you need to be in complete dark to see the light.

I found that the Iphone torch can charge instantly the pigment, so it is very convenient to obtain a bright effect anytime !

I have read reviews of their paint and they seem to work greatly also. But keep in mind that the green will be always the brightest and longest, blue in second and other colors would dim and extinct very quickly.

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Hey guys. Forgot to check this thread. Hahaha! :lol:

Thanks for the replies. Actually I was thinking of somehow putting a 'glow in the dark' effect or 'reflector' effect on the yellow parts from Hikaru Pilot Suit figure to imitate the effect from the movie. Not sure if it's doable.

Any suggestions is welcome. ;)

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