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ED-209 replica from Chronicle collectibles.

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Tired of wasting your hard earn money on some over priced plastic toy with a rubber dome rotting as soon as it is exposed to the air?

Well, accepte no substitute.

Under the expertise of Studio Tippett, Anticlaus and Phil himself, chronicle is about to release the one and only studio accurate replica of ED-209 1/6 stop-mo puppet.

This bad boy is in scale with Cain replica and the soon to be announced Robocop statue, Robocop failed prototypes A and B.

Yes, you red right. You can expect a complete line of Robocop franchise statues, 1/6 scale, made of resin and steel.

That will be one hell of a display for any hard core Robocop fans as us.

For now, ED-209 is on pre-order on Chronicle collectibles website with several payment plans offering here :


And visit their facebook page to get some red hot updates and never seen before pictures.











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They may look better, but not accurate ;)

But maybe the 1:1 scale puppet leave you this impression. It's shape is slightly different.

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lol its static? like a statue? the hot toys ones looks better IMO, and $1K? what is TOYNAMI smoking? yes toynami. my $60 NECA gives 100x more bang for the buck and doesn't take up an entire counter's worth of space...oh and its not static.

"Manufactured and distributed by Toynami."

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