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Mari Iijima in Chile??

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Hi Guys!

Mari Iijima post the following on her web-page on Feb 25th. Some rumors said that she will come to Chile (Southamerica) to a Convention...

Can anybody help me to translate her post? I cant wait to know what are she saying!!!

Hollywood & Chile


â€è½é¸â€ã¨ã‹æ›¸ã‹ã‚Œã‚‹ã‹ã‚‚ã—ã‚Œãªã„ã‘ã©ã€ã‚ã®å¸­ã«ç€ã‘ãŸäº‹ã ã‘ã§ã‚‚

凄ã„事ãªã®ã ã‹ã‚‰ã€å—賞ã—ãŸæ°—æŒã¡ã§å¸°å›½ã—ã¦ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚±ãƒ¼ã¨æ€ã„ã¾ã™ã€‚






é–¢ã—ã¦ã€ã¿ãªã•ã‚“ã«èƒŒä¸­ã‚’æš–ã‹ã押ã—ã¦ã„ãŸã ãã¾ã—ãŸã€‚



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Apologies for the quality of internet translation:

It ..Rinco.. fought bravely. Japan..media..win..do.Failure..write..that..

seat..wear.It returns home in won feelings because it is a terrible thing,

and being possible to hold br/>? is okay and 怼There is br/>?.

Recently, it is severe for us who has increased when the actor in Japan is

needed in Hollywood the number of cases to find the actor in mainland Japan,

remains in the loss, and is holding out. It doesn't become thin too much

however with black hair and I will advance in overweight br/>? and the

future though I become br/>?. After that, everybody pushed its back for

Conze br/>? To in Chile as it was warm.

汼 that hardens feelings aiming at the first concert achievement in

October this year;It had the br/>? mind. Thank you really. Japan first of


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Mmmhmmm :huh: I can't understand what are she saying...

I hope someboby who talk japanese can tell me what are she saying about Chile.

Anyway, thank you very much sketchley for your help!! :D:D

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Just saw Mari Iijima performing at Anime Expo Chile.

She sang 2 songs from her new album, and then another couple of song before singing these Macross songs:

Watashi no kare wa pilot

0-G love

Sunset Beach

Tenshi no Enogu (piano version)

Ai Oboete Imasuka


It was a thrilling performance from Mari. It was hard holding back the tears at the sound of her voice.

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