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  1. Johvic

    Bandai SD Infinite

    Just wanted to share this photo I've taken of my SD (and monster in the bground) that came in today. and a group shot and the lot
  2. I came across this site... http://aniu2.blog3.fc2.com/page-3.html enjoy.
  3. Guess what. I just can't help myself. I've asked for quote for recasting materials from a local distributor. I hope it won't hurt the pocket very much.
  4. i just preordered mine at HLJ.
  5. hi Eel, I have one and probably try doing a recast but when my wife approves it. I bought mine from ebay last year. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
  6. ei guys, i was thinking of having some SMS logo patches made ( and to be sold at the con). What colors do you prefer? a. Yellow b. Red c. blue d. green so that I can estimate how many patches are to be made. Cheers!
  7. I really like it to look like it's being used in a battle, but I still don't have an air compressor so I'm settling for the rattle cans, which, can't spray as fine as an AB. It's nice to see the GBP with some weathering, maybe I'll try the gun metal and silver weathering thingies from Tamiya. Thanks for your inputs guys.
  8. thanks for the input guys.
  9. Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a crossroad, can you suggest which would be better? Weathered? like this or not?
  10. hi guys, thank yo all who enjoyed viewing my little addiction. it was raining all week and I couldn't do much for the WIP. Here comes Saturday with the bright sun so I grabbed my rattle cans and painted the orange, dark gray and sealed it with a clear. Here's an update photo. next will be panel line washing.
  11. Ruskii, Can I join you guys even if I'm not joining the movie marathon? I'll bring my chunky along with my joke machine.
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