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  1. I'd pay good money to see hollywood try to tackle Sakura with the genki! Japanese school girl and rich Zaibatsu rival.
  2. Yeah well you had me expecting some mutant hybrid of Eva and Laputa here. I was expecting in the end for Nadia to be hooked up to some Atlantean Super Computer, that would ask "Princess do you want to wipe the world clean?" and than have her angsting over her whole life and how much she hates herself and how much she thinks humans are decietful hurtful creatures... well you know the rest. Yes Adam struck me too... and the fact that they exprimented with different life forms before settling on humans. I don't really see the attack on the Nautilus as being the same because Nerv was supposed
  3. heh I kinda liked the one episode that was one character theme after another. So I finished the series, and I gotta it was very very good... but I still don't see it as totally being on the same level as Eva. Yes it had themes of "should humanity be allowed to exist, or have free reign over itself." but so did Gunbuster, it's a common theme in a lot of Anno's work. Also well Nadia did spend a lot of the series waffling over liking or hating humanity, by the end she had pretty much made up her mind. Yeah I can see how ideas from Nadia were brought over to Eva, but I see it as being more of
  4. yeah that explains the bad chaterization but unless they wern't paying attention, they should know Nadia would know that Africa isn't her home.
  5. Okay I've hit the island episodes... umm I think they're entertaining in their own right but it's a bit of a C-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-ombo breaker in this series. As a steampunk take on the whole castaway cliche' I still enjoy it. But characterization is crap compared to before. Why does Nadia still want to go to Africa so much anyway? They still talk about Africa like it's her homeland when she should know from Electra's speech that her homeland is Atlantis.
  6. Okay well I'd like to watch it all just to see what was actually going on. so maybe I'll skip them then watch them after I finish the rest of the series?
  7. Ah I thought perhaps it was islands in general maybe the people liked it because they loved the nautical combat... And that part I find kinda boring sometimes... Nautical combat with tense moments as they wonder if the Torpedo will hit them or not. just arn't my cup of tea. In small doses they're okay but episode after episode it's kind of grating so I like the land based episodes that break it up. Though ones like the mine-field are really fun. The main appeal is the steampunk and the characters for me, sometimes I get a little bored with the underwater battles but over all it's keeping m
  8. So I've so far watched the first 14 episodes of this Gainax series and I am very much enjoying it. It's steampunk setting is very much my cup of tea (it also doesn't hurt that Jean, Nadia and Electra's seiyuu would later play members of the Paris Kagekidan Group De' Fleur which really kinda helps me with the setting since I've heard those voices in similar context [For the reference Jean is Hidaka Noriko who plays Erica in ST as well as Noriko in Gunbuster, Nadia's seiyuu was Hanabi in ST and Electra was Kikuoe Inoue of Bellandy fame who would become Lobelia in the ST Paris group) So here
  9. それは分かっています。もちろん、佐渡先生も分かっている だから、へんですね。 Really I have no idea where she gets the idea it's Idiomatic from... she's not only a native Japanese speeker she's a trained linguist. I think sometimes she gets weird ideas about English though. 
  10. Reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi... Miaka tries to lighten the mood by saying she brought along a nice walking stick and using the adjective Suteki which sounds like Stick... in the English version she says "Cain you believe it?" on the flip side the english DUB of Koko Wa Greenwood keeps a pun intact in one episode that's a bit odd. The main character is standing by a Koi pond and reflecting on if he's in love or not says "Koi, maybe it is koi" then his friend comes up and asks "hey how are the koi?" That's the dailog in the english dub... it sounded quite odd.
  11. Well I'd hope they'd still have spring loaded projectiles but with different mechanims (IIRC) JT Marsh's E-frame launched it's missiles when you fully opened the wings... which kinda sucked if you wanted them in with the wings open.
  12. link yeah... so someone made a soda whose selling point is being a parody of Hentai... umm... that's deffinitly the weirdest thing since the off-broadway "anime" musical.
  13. Depends on the medicine... sometimes you do drink it. It's just one of my Sensei's quicks though. Maybe she just thought we'd remember it better if she said it was idiomatic.
  14. Okay that's understandable there was some tl;dr in there so sorry if I missed that... just to let you know in that context I'd be saying you're hard headed. Slightly off topic but it seems my Sensei at college has a very odd idea of what is idiomatic and what is not. For example she think that お風呂に入る (to enter a bath) is Idiomatic because it does not litterally mean "Take a bath"... even though entering is a more litteral description of the action. She's actually Japanese too... it's kind of odd.
  15. Exosquad is probably one of my favorite American TV shows period (I really loved the music) it captured my imagination and I loved it as a kid... I never got to see much of after they took the war to Earth though. I had Marsh's and Phaton's E-frames and played the heck out of them. For American Cartoons I think only Gargoyles, Reboot (actually Canadian), Batman TAS and Avatar would compare for me.... (but here's hoping on GI Joe resolute). Yes I certainly remember it... you might want to check out the original comics by Larry Hama, they were a bit more military orientated then the
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