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  1. So the chances of finding one on release day depend on people on canceling there orders or will these retailers have extra stock
  2. They have really take n it to another level
  3. I see that bandi website sti has them up so I guess you are right
  4. Is that the only way to get this through a proxy. Hell I did de even know this was going for order today.
  5. Is this up any where else
  6. Are they going to release both the yf 21 and release the yf 19 .
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but nippon yassin never put an order ar a mark up price like they have done in the past. That's frankly the onkybwaybi have ever managed to get a valk .
  8. Link ?
  9. Yeah I did notice that a new saint figure asgard figure was in preorder indent even know it was offered for preorder probably all on the same day. So 3 times macross , new eva and a saint seyia figure. It's insane only bandi does this happen with.
  10. I hope so at this point it is sold out everywhere. So all we can do is wait and see even for a bit of a mark up that would be fine. I am do sick of this crap its only Bandi that macross that does this and if it was no ot for the fact I wanted to complete my tv valks I would not give a dam .since they are all basicly repaints .
  11. Yeah I remember that happened last time hopefully it's not to bad of a mark up come release day
  12. Ok really I never saw that and I was watching for it so they are out of stock then?
  13. I am hoping these guys come through https://okini.land/en/21236-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bandai-spirits.html They never did put up a preoder just a listing not sure what they intend to do
  14. So all we can do is wait till November then I guess nobody has it I surprised that Nippon yassin never put it up for preorder for a mark that's been thr only way I ever got anything .
  15. Are these guys even going to bother with a listing https://okini.land/en/21236-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bandai-spirits.html
  16. I dont know why bother imam aaitingnon Nippon yassin
  17. What's left sold out every where
  18. Hlj sold out as usual
  19. St least you got that far I cant even get to that page
  20. Is hlj even working?
  21. How about these guys I still dont see a link https://www.kuramatoys.com/chogokin/?sort=newest&page=2
  22. Jlj link anyone
  23. I hate to ask but does anybody have the link to Nippon yassin only as a last resort
  24. So they more then likely will not be able to fulfill the order dam . I have never been able to snag any of them expect for the first one vf 1a after they and even before that it's been imposible. I get stuck with nippon yassin
  25. Is nin -nin reliable , I mean will the fulfill their orders i am surprised they open their order early. I remeber they had the max tv open early but I decided to go with someone else since I was not sure they could actually fulfill the order.
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