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  1. please add a new and sleek vf-11b with atmospheric booster
  2. I have to agree that it is the best yf-19 in the market and it is way over priced. well... as i like to transform my toys, it could have been better the other option is to buy 3, one for each mode to get 100% satisfaction on this release if you want perfect yf-19 on display
  3. This YF-19 does not look like a hot seller... as it is still in stock everywhere I guess the demand is pretty low for macross plus Otherwise I have to admit that I am not happy with this bird for all reasons mentionned previously : The ankles, the wings are pretty bad and the paint issues during the transformation were way overlooked during the developpement process from Arcadia ! at this price, it just deserves a 6.5/10 My YF-19 already received a re-painting with my airbrush ! it is a bit sad to have toys that are not problem free during transformations nowadays.... Seriously, at thi
  4. what are you referring to ? otherwise, I think that the alto version would look great on the VF-25G
  5. this could be possible For those that have it : How is the blue on the regular fast pack of Michael ? Is it matte ? thks in advance
  6. the blue on the fast pack looks pretty like a matt finish, so it looks a bit wrong (the main color covers more space) Alto looks better as less noticeable regarding the sms (it is wrong like the pics with the parts separated on display)
  7. alto's version does also have cracks on the triangle : I see a begining of a crack on the right side
  8. "No paint issues that I can tell" they will come later after some transformations Bandai paints are really bad
  9. Hello David if you look closely at the way the wings lock into the leg you will see how the mechanism works please find below some pics that explain the ideas :
  10. My canopy is fine but regarding the wing, you should try to rotate the legs inward in bit it will push the wing section a bit down if it works you can glue a pre-cut piece of residual photoetch on the tab in the wing section (it would be invisible) BUT FIRST : you should check if they did glue correctly the plates that hold the wings !
  11. mine arrived in 5 days this time, using air mail with no tracking number ( last time it took 2 weeks with a tracking number ) I do not use ems anymore as here you get easily taxed it is very strange regarding the delay...
  12. oups sorry the stand is the same as the original release I was comparing it to stand of the vf-25G so only the head lasers have been revised
  13. Just the front part, it is shorter and does not need to plug into 2 attachements used to secure the legs in battroid mode.
  14. the last release of the VF-25F has 2 small corrections : - the white parts of the head lasers are real white this time - the fighter/gerwalk mode piece of the display stand has been modified
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