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  1. Agreed.. But I swear I remember the japanese laserdiscs having a surround channel. And I never simulated surround back in the day.
  2. I pulled out my region 2 Mac + box the other day and noticed something odd. Episodes 1234 are labled as PCM but I can't seem to get any surround channels out of them. My AV system is fine as everything works with surround channels on every other disc. My question is were these discs mastered in 2.0? I've learned to expect the unexpect with region 2 mastering in the past. Really doesn't matter much as I hope there will be a Blue Ray soon.
  3. Friend of mine mrdandy.com sent me this link. Anyone into ARTMIC/Mospeada/ or The Southern Cross stuff should find it interesting: http://altjapan.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010...ol-lullaby.html
  4. ED, You ever going to finish the sharon apple figure. I so want a casting....... I'll pay for the silicon
  5. Could someone point me to a place to obtain all of the "All That VF" shorts in high quality? (Better than You Tube Quality) PM's are fine if this is not allowed
  6. Well i broke down and watched the version that is going around the one with bad color, sound, and contrast. Thinking this version is 1.0 and a telecine. I loved it but with me you can't really go wrong with eva If anyone finds a better version let me know the group or PM me PLEASE Don't want to get modded! Kinda wished I had gotten the Limited region 2 ver. but I have spend so much $ on eva in my life its pathetic.
  7. Has any group released a hard subbed avi/divx/xvid? Other that the crappy muddy one going around? I really want to watch this on my PS3 tonight and the MKV versions won't work. I ordered the region 2 also but I didn't go for the limited version so I gotta wait
  8. My friend Ed wanted me to show you his Macross Kit Collection: Macross Kits
  9. >Again there's this collectors giftset, that includes a metallic red Garland along with the movie, CD, artbook and whatnot The artbook SUCKS! Don't anyone waste your time!
  10. >Lair is the number one game I've been waiting for. Armored Core 4 was another. MGS4 Here
  11. oshan

    Macross PS2

    >VF-0, SV-51, YF-19, YF-21 and VF-11. Does anyone know if they actualy are in the game You have to get a A rank in each stage and you get bonus fighters. This has to be the coolest macross game ever, Highly recommended! Great replay value!
  12. Crappy Artwork! I preordered mine from amazon, Good Price! Having the macross plus movie on dvd has sucked as you had to deal with the crappy tranfer manga did or the non-chapter encoded dvd that bandai visual released. Did the region 2 UK dvd look any better? Doubt it!
  13. I think we are all jonseing for this video. >huh? Me? I am willing to host it on my server with alot of bandwith. (I'm a I.T. guy by trade) Must have!!!!! Must provide for the Macross community!
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