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  1. Nope, I was not going to pay $500 for it lol that was a bit much...and I have to budget myself cuz DX GBP preorder is coming lol
  2. Thanks! Going to bidding war!
  3. if they choose to release this as a full set..I wonder what the price point is going to be...guessing around 28900 yen....
  4. I am pretty sure bandai will release these as a Full Set to take our money lol
  5. that is a lot of Valks lol hopefully someday I will get to that number. Flightpose is closed too lol at least until the 4th qtr....man....pandemic is killing us...
  6. I would get them for all of mine but since my collection is small, it won't run nowhere near $3000 lol
  7. haha yeah I would not sell mine if I had them too lol thx for the info!
  8. well it looks like a good quality and I have no problem paying high $ for good stuff. How much are they anyway?
  9. May be we should do a GoFundMe page for him
  10. I hope Yeti can produce stands soon...I need them stands like right now lol
  11. When he opens back up, I am gonna put in a huge order lol
  12. man...wish he is selling it again....those stands look real nice..
  13. Are those VF-25 line ups DX or 1/72 Bandai? BTW, it looks SICK!
  14. Looking for MasterMade SDF-1 PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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