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  1. Thank you @JoLe727 I have done two transactions and all were packaged carefully! One of the item had a hiccup with USPS (COVID Delays) but Joe responded to all replies and even went as far to file a claim with USPS while we waited for the package. Great seller! Buy with confidence!
  2. JoLe727 He responded super fast and shipped the item like within two days. I received my item in like 2 business days and it is exactly as described in his For Sale posting. I bought another item today from him!
  3. wow....speechless! Awesome work man! makes me wanna go watch DYRL again lol
  4. VF-25F (including all variations) is my favorite mecha! There is something about VF-25F...can't explain it but yeah its one sexy beast.
  5. Hey guys, How good is HLJ? I have never bought anything from non USA sites so I was just wondering about your experiences. Your input is greatly appreciated!
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