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  1. Got my super parts from AE, now just gotta wait for the -1D
  2. This guy has 5 for preorder if anyone is late to the game, does charge extra but the extra money goes to his youtube channel https://animejapangeek.com/product/dx-chogokin-valkyrie-vf-1d-fan-racer-preventa/
  3. Also Mykombini still shows as still available https://mykombini.com/en/july-2021/21403-dx-chogokin-macross-vf-1d-valkyrie-and-fan-racer-bandai-limited.html?search_query=Dx+Chogokin+Valkyrie&results=10
  4. Has anyone gotten a cancellation order from Big in Japan or Anime Export?
  5. I don't think HLJ or Hobby Search will have this one as it is a tamashii exclusive
  6. Yup, had mine shipped from AE yesterday, hope to get it soon, with another figure shipping was 62 dollars
  7. We need a japan representative to take orders for us, I'll gladly pay a commission!
  8. Yes, just the figure, not the shipping
  9. What do you guys think of Big in Japan? I pre order quick last night, but now that I see AE open i feel like I should've waited, I had no problems with AE before so I rather used them and cancel the other order since the VF-1D comes out in july, past the 180 days PayPal protection
  10. Just order from big in japan, lets see what happens
  11. Hope you get yours soon! once its shipped you will get it in no time, DHL is no joke
  12. Finally got my order from Nin Nin, well packaged, not a dent on the cardboard. The VF-1S is truly impressive!
  13. Just got a message from Nin Nin asking for another $20 for shipping, Im hoping that they will ship it soon, all in all im in $300 for my roy
  14. Thats a nice jacket!
  15. Am I the only that has not gotten his Roy from Nin Nin? It still shows as pre order confirmed...
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