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  1. I saw that it says that it ships through buyee.jp. The prices include shipping, so I’m guessing thats local shipping, then you pay shipping to the US? I’ve never bought anything thru a proxy
  2. Has anyone bought from here before? Some of the prices seem too good to be true!
  3. CzarAlko

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the reply! Seeing it at the Tamashii Nations event made me think it could get re released
  4. CzarAlko

    Hi-Metal R

    Does anyone know if the Destroid Monster is getting re released?
  5. I got mine from AE today, I had another figure come with it, it was cheaper to send them both in separate boxes with separate tracking numbers than all together, who knew!
  6. I have the VF-1D and another figure that is about half the size that I need to ship from there, combined for both they want 160 for fast shipping and 90 for economy, I think I'm to have to ask if they can do separately and see if I get fast shipping at 42 dollars each. Definitely not a cheap hobby
  7. Same here, I may be willing to trade my VF-1D for one of these ones
  8. You are not too far off, at AE they were about $270 for pre order, then shipping put another 50 60 bucks, you are already at 320-330, so paying an extra 20-30 to get it now without having to go through the nerve wrecking trouble of pre ordering it, I think its fair
  9. Same here, just got this one as a backup
  10. Same here, shipping alone on this one is like 60 bucks for EMS
  11. Alright guys I need some input I was late to the preorder party. Currently I have a VF-1A Max and VF-1S Roy, I also have the 1/60 VF-1J Armored (Which I have been staring at for the past couple of days) The combo is sold out everywhere, and so is the armor pack. Should I just cut my losses and wait for the next armor pack for Max or Roy since I already have the Arcadia one or should I try to find the combo (and maybe pay a premium for it) or the armor pack? Thank you guys!
  12. Got my super parts from AE, now just gotta wait for the -1D
  13. This guy has 5 for preorder if anyone is late to the game, does charge extra but the extra money goes to his youtube channel https://animejapangeek.com/product/dx-chogokin-valkyrie-vf-1d-fan-racer-preventa/
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