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  1. I have the VF-1D and another figure that is about half the size that I need to ship from there, combined for both they want 160 for fast shipping and 90 for economy, I think I'm to have to ask if they can do separately and see if I get fast shipping at 42 dollars each. Definitely not a cheap hobby
  2. Same here, I may be willing to trade my VF-1D for one of these ones
  3. You are not too far off, at AE they were about $270 for pre order, then shipping put another 50 60 bucks, you are already at 320-330, so paying an extra 20-30 to get it now without having to go through the nerve wrecking trouble of pre ordering it, I think its fair
  4. Same here, just got this one as a backup
  5. Same here, shipping alone on this one is like 60 bucks for EMS
  6. Alright guys I need some input I was late to the preorder party. Currently I have a VF-1A Max and VF-1S Roy, I also have the 1/60 VF-1J Armored (Which I have been staring at for the past couple of days) The combo is sold out everywhere, and so is the armor pack. Should I just cut my losses and wait for the next armor pack for Max or Roy since I already have the Arcadia one or should I try to find the combo (and maybe pay a premium for it) or the armor pack? Thank you guys!
  7. So true
  8. Got my super parts from AE, now just gotta wait for the -1D
  9. This guy has 5 for preorder if anyone is late to the game, does charge extra but the extra money goes to his youtube channel https://animejapangeek.com/product/dx-chogokin-valkyrie-vf-1d-fan-racer-preventa/
  10. Also Mykombini still shows as still available https://mykombini.com/en/july-2021/21403-dx-chogokin-macross-vf-1d-valkyrie-and-fan-racer-bandai-limited.html?search_query=Dx+Chogokin+Valkyrie&results=10
  11. Has anyone gotten a cancellation order from Big in Japan or Anime Export?
  12. I don't think HLJ or Hobby Search will have this one as it is a tamashii exclusive
  13. Yup, had mine shipped from AE yesterday, hope to get it soon, with another figure shipping was 62 dollars
  14. We need a japan representative to take orders for us, I'll gladly pay a commission!
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