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  1. Getting the crew together. Lots of dollars in plastic in this shot!
  2. And it turned up today, no further updates on the tracking page. Still, .
  3. Made a bit of a rookie mistake, selected Registered Airmail (RA tracking prefix) as the shipping mode. Been waiting 9 days since the unit shipped, status still says "Dispatch from outward office of exchange", where it has been sitting for almost a week. Having done my research in hindsight, I should have selected EMS. Has anyone else done this and how long did it take their shipments to arrive vs the EMS shipping mode?
  4. I'm wondering when mine is going to turn up. Shipped last Wednesday, got to "Dispatch from outward office of exchange" on the tracking page on Saturday. No updates for the last couple of days. I'm home today so it's arrival would be a nice surprise.
  5. ...and now shipped. Excitement building!
  6. Preparation in progress, thanks N-Y!
  7. I'm just waiting on a support ticket from N-Y to decide whether to cancel and purchase from elsewhere or wait for my order to be fulfilled. I'm probably not the only one though...
  8. Still no movement on my N-Y order. Come on guys!
  9. 700936 here at N-Y, and no news yet. C'mon!
  10. It's for sale right now: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/28386-super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-movie-vf-1-strike-super-parts-set-limited-edition.html Seems like they're selling fast, from what I've read in this thread.
  11. Wait, they're doing GBP-1?
  12. At this point, if all my orders come through I'll be fortunate enough to have a VF-1S, super/strike packs and missiles. I'm done with the line from here.
  13. Seems like missiles sets are getting harder to get now, and prices are shooting up. FOMO hit and I paid an inflated price to get some. It's been an expensive couple of weeks.
  14. ... and it's gone.
  15. I managed to score one (or get an order payment confirmation anyway) from NY last night. Are they a reputable seller? I've seen some feedback each way from my searching today.
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