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  1. My combo is in Brisbane, and has cleared customs. Maybe tomorrow?
  2. Hopefully some people with Luna Park orders had their tracking go live today. Spoke to their live chat and they said that half of their orders shipped out. I'm not one of the lucky ones.
  3. Maybe they printed the labels before they had the stock in hand?
  4. YESSSS! Mine still hasn't been picked up by DHL. 🙃
  5. Armoured Valk shipped from Luna Park. 😍
  6. If that's the box, I don't know if I'm even gonna open it. 😍
  7. Can't wait for the 25th. I thought I'd missed the boat on a VF-1J, don't fancy paying $900 AUD for one. 😅 Looking forward to displaying it beside my VF-1D and Fokker VF-1S. 😁
  8. So much this. Don't let the 6 month Paypal protection lapse.
  9. I was freaking out a bit there...come on release day!
  10. Ugh, I blinked and paid the scalper tax. It's the last one I need for my set, can't wait for release day!
  11. Yeah, that's what I'm looking at. Working on the decision now to pull the trigger now at inflated prices or sit tight until release day...
  12. Mine VF-1D earlier this week, first order from Okini Land and the service was excellent. Might open it on the weekend when I have time, or perhaps later if work gets slow. Now - do I need that VF-1J so that I have all of the Hikaru's jets?
  13. I know I'm late to the game, but I'm feeling keen on acquiring an Armoured VF-1J. Anyone got any leads on one at or near RRP? Am i best served just waiting for release day?
  14. Damn - can't get their checkout form to quote me for shipping to Australia.
  15. Dew Store (Oh My Primus non-transformer store) still has pre-orders open "subject to cancellation due to stock reduction". I got one in there at a reasonable (more than MSRP but less than scalper) price, fingers crossed.
  16. Does that often happen after you get an order confirmation?
  17. Bought, paid and confirmed though Okini Land.
  18. Is everyone getting shipping notices from Anime Export for their SSPs? I haven't heard anything yet.
  19. Raise a ticket, give them a timeframe. Follow it up once then go through your bank.
  20. Ok, I have Paypal looking into my Roy order and my bank for my SSP order (was outside the Paypal action window). Fingers crossed. Will Paypal close my account if my CC chargeback goes through?
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