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  1. @MechTech great to see you too! Same position as you, life and family. Keep modeling all the time but on different topics each time as to maintain interest. But Macross always present. Amazing work you'r doing there And thanks everybody for your comments. Martin
  2. Hi guys! Long time since I built a Macross model. I have like 15 models to build, so it was about time. Anyway, working on Kakizaki's super battroid. Working on fast packs and gun pod right now.... Martin
  3. Thank you guys for your comments! About the decals, I had this kit on the stash for like 10-11 years... And they were on the box beneath the instructions, maybe much of dry place? Luckily was the last with that age, now have 5 years aged or newer ;P Martin
  4. Hi guys! Here's another from the stash! As with my previous model (SV-51) this one have been sitting on the stash for too many years. The build was straight forward after building many vf-1, but the decals were another story. I believe that for being so much time on the box, when I started decaling there were many that literally disintegrated on the water. Lucky me, had many leftovers of previus valks. After all frustration, I believe it came up pretty decent. Now it's time to move to the vf-11 or 25. We'll see. Martin
  5. Congratulations! It turned out really beautiful.
  6. Hi guys! Here are my lates models, SV-51 Nora scheme and the Bandai 1/72 Regult Battle Pod I bought the Sv-51 on it's first release and was stored since. Nice and really big model to build. The decals were no easy to work, maybe becouse of it's age (12 years now!). An here's the Regult. Some chipping effects added and some dirt: Hmmm... got you now! Well, hope you like them guys! Martin
  7. I hope they can revive the bandai 1/100 line announced back then. With the VF-4 and all they previewed. Only the vf-29 and 25 made it.
  8. I have that model also. I believe the color is kind of a dark metallic purple, but I wasn't able to find a right one yet. The VF-1 is indeed a metallic blue. I used Tamiya's X-13. Hope it helps! Martin
  9. Hi! It's been looong since I post a model, so here goes the latest, wich box has been sitting for years 'til I finally get it. Even when I've build lots of Hase VF-1s, for some reason this one didn't wanted to get finished, with lots of fingerprints of glue over the paint, wich needed to be sanded and repainted, decals that appeared where not originally placed, etc. Anyway, fun to build.
  10. So buying it! I hope Kotobukiya keeps releasing mechas and vehicles from GitS
  11. Congratulations! Beautyful model!
  12. Hi guys, when preordering the 1/72 VF-25 from hase, noted the preorder of this on HLJ, totally unexpected for me anyway 1/48 VF-1A/S Super/Strike http://www.hlj.com/product/HSGMC03/Sci 1/48 VF-1J 30th Anniversary http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG65824/Sci Martin
  13. Just came from theatre. Awesome movie. Even if Del Toro made 3D in post-production, really liked how it turned out. Not a fan of 3D myself but I'm glad I saw it that way.
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