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  1. In response to the science argument in this thread – argument which began with this post JBO said: No: it is the only scientifical way we have to seriously conceive life in the universe. But anthropocentrism is the only serious way to conceive the world which surrounds us, simply because we don't know any others. You can of course let your imagination run, but it will only be your imagination and despite thinking in the most logical and reasonnable way it will still remain your imagination... Yet, they failed to take the dominant place on our planet, because their limbs are too weak
  2. Hasn't this been posted already, or is it a new trailer? A bit lazy to compare this one to the previous one to be sure...
  3. I know that. Actually they talked about the life forms in the arsenic in the science magazine I subscribed to some time ago. But they still don't know if these bacterias appeared there spontaneously or if they progessively adapted from another, more clement environment. Same remark for the other examples you mentionned. But we all know that dolphins are intelligent, and we know this since a while. Actually, this has nothing to do with their current environment because they are descendants of dogs which came back to the water millions of years ago – first rivers, then oceans. The case of e
  4. It is worth it, yes Be aware that the TV series differs considerably than the pair of movies, though: I assume you watched these because AFAIK they're the only ones released as Laser Disks soemthing like 12 or 15 years ago...
  5. Wow, a few days only after a motherboard crash and I get entire novels/essays: I should post more often Like I said in my very first post on this subject, the reasonning I exposed concerns intelligent beings and not insects, all the more as these ones don't even have brains to begin with – yeah, I know they have several tiny brains all along their body, but that's precisely because none of them can work as a brain: they're more like neural nodes or something like that... Also, it makes sense that I was just talking: we're not in a trial and I don't have to prove anything I say; you can,
  6. No. This vessel was unique and its cargo the only specimens of a genetically engineered specie: once both gone there can be no more aliens. My friend with the small size and the green skin told me this from his UFO last night, and I believe him...
  7. Like I said in my previous post, it is a scientifically established theory, and what you think about it doesn't really interest me actually: between recognized experts and a big mouth on a forum, the choice is quickly done, you know, at least for the ones of us who can use their brain. You should have shut your mouth, then: this would have spared you the apologies...
  8. This game looks like it is interesting, yes; Elizabeth seems to be an unusual character, and judging by the latest info I read onto her, the flying BigDaddy thing is related to her into a somewhat perverted way... The flying city setting is inspiring too: for some reason, it reminds me of the Winsor McCay's Mars in his Little Nemo in Slumberland.
  9. And that's precisely what happened at the end of Aliens: all of them erased from existence because of a nuke blast – end of story: no 3, no 4, no AvP and no need for a prequel: I told you!
  10. Grenadier is indeed a good show. I'd like to see it in its entirety: a group began to sub it but dropped it after two or three eps only – a bit short to judge the real values of the show...
  11. Actually, if you take into account some recent scientific theories about alien life, it makes a lot of sense to get vaguely humanoid shapes, at least for intelligent being. It is all related to the brain in fact. Because the brain cannot control efficiently a lot of limbs, their number is restricted to four, then that's two to walk/run and two to manipulate things with the hands that finish them and which are simply evolved feet. Because the brain cannot work properly if it is at the same temperature than the body, it needs to be stored in a sort of limb which has to be outside of the body (
  12. Why not VS Transformers instead?!? Like this will get the concept for TF4 in the same time!
  13. I refered to this interview. He used the word hope while talking about the bright colors of the 1/1 scale Gundam statue, not the newtypes – this was in another paragraph of his reply... Though you may be right: this guy talks in a rather cryptic way somtimes (unless it's a question of translation in the present case...) and I may need to reread this interview more carefully.
  14. For Chromia and Elita, yes, and this made me sad because I love them, but Arcee, no... When was that? The psychanalysis session is doing fine, isn't it? Did they do the same with the Arcee's sisters?!? Because the only ones I could find sucked so bad that it looked like a rape to me... One of them even has nothing to do with the original (movie 2) design Seriously, I found the Arcee sisters really great looking design wise, as well as a smart and rather novative take with their sort of mono-wheel concept: this makes them so quick and agile, but also gracious in the same time... I'm
  15. Then, next step is Alien vs. Starship Troopers! Oh, well, it has been done already, it's called Aliens... But what if the marines get power armors?!?
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