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  1. not my order maybe u bought from the hentai section lol just kidding man.
  2. found these pretty nice site found the cds i was looking for pretty cheap like twice as cheap should take a look heres the url some of u might like these
  3. yeah like bobe said i think i saw these on ebay once.
  4. Who do u think in all macross series died the most f up way and most sadly?
  5. might as well add me to lol
  6. online or in stores?
  7. Im from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA mostly raised in Puerto Rico
  8. man i wish they did one for the VF-17
  9. i found it it looks ok if only i new a painter that would paint it for me
  10. got a pic of it
  11. bah that kind of sucks since it doesnt look all that great. what do u think i really love that mech. unless the model kits look nice none paint or something.
  12. Which is the best vf-17 figure? i dont really care for model kits since i cant paint
  13. if u want the m3 intro go to
  14. if u want to download the intro and other stuff go to
  15. k thanks for the info about the disc and the website. i just might pick it up i really think its better than the 3rd series the new gen one it felt like a bad macross series wanna be to me.