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  1. Thanks to @jenius for a smooth transaction and a pair of beautiful valks!
  2. These were crane game figures that were releases in Japan around 2002. For whatever reason I am getting nostalgic for them. What I'd really like is either a complete Movie Max or TV Max version. I am interested in any of them though, even any broken ones.
  3. Wow. It was impressive before I saw the lighting. I can't think of a better way to display a Valkyrie.
  4. I've always wanted to play around with 3D printing. Has anyone here ever designed something themself? I'm curious what software package to use, my first attempts in Blender where not inspiring.
  5. It is a trickier boss. I found that taking a Valkyrie with reaction missiles really helps, as you can damage multiple horns/eggs at once. I also find that staying in fighter mode and making quick passes then flying out to turn around is pretty good for defense. Also make sure to use your SP attacks when it comes to a stop so it's easier to hit. While your SP goes off you can use the time to press select to give your wingmen orders, you can order them to SP too or activate their support powers.
  6. @Tochiro I had always assumed that some Japanese games where given English subtitles even if they weren't marketed outside of Japan. Thanks for the clarification. You did mention licensing as an issue, is that with Harmony Gold or with one of the Japanese licensees?
  7. This thread is as good a place as any to ask. I've read that no Macross game will be localized for North America. Why is this, I assume it has something to do with licensing, either with respect to Harmony Gold or the dispute between who owns what of SDF Macross? Could the Japanese just include English subtitles and sell the game locally in Japan? Do they not do this because of the cost of the translation or some other reason?
  8. You are correct (on both counts). This race is a dozy. Thanks for pointing it out though.
  9. My guess is either you find it as an item drop or you get it by killing a specific Dyaus at a specific point. @General Has anyone found the FAST packs for the VF-19 or VF-22? I'm in new game plus and I can't find them anywhere. I know some enemies have them, I hope players can get them too.
  10. Now that I've beaten the game I'm really curious what the plot was. Some of my questions are a bit spoilerish so I will hide them.
  11. The YF-30 has a different transformation but a similar look. The YF-29 does have largely the same transformation though. I appreciate that they included them, I think they look interesting in Fighter/Gerwalk mode, which is where I spend almost all my time so I appreciate the eye candy.
  12. @Zoroastres I was just about to post the english dungeon names but you beat me too it. The english names that pop up are a bit different then the direct Japanese translations. I assume that is because the cave names are in engrish. I've include the on screen english names for all the dungeons and cities (that I've found) and their rough positions, hope it helps someone.
  13. Sometimes when you are doing a green mission it pays to check your inventory on the ship. Sometimes you can complete a quest with what you've picked up already. Other times you might have picked up the quest item but put it away by accident.
  14. I am currently stuck on a series of quests, the Ouroboros Research quests. I have been able to complete some of them, they put location markers on the overworld and it was a simple pick up. However I am stuck on missions 1,2,4. The translation guide for quest one says that the notes are at the World Tree on Yuria, however no marker shows up for me. I've searched around and I can't find them. Similarly quests 2 and 4 have me going to Ratatosk cave and Mimir cave but no markers and I can't find the notes. Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. Zoroastres - Thank you! Please keep up the good work!
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